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Jodie Marsh’s boyfriend’s skin turned to ‘rock’ from gruesome ice burn after football injury

Jodie Marsh shared Billy Collins’ horror injury (Picture: Instagram)

Jodie Marsh has revealed that her boyfriend, Billy Collins, suffered a dramatic ice burn after suffering an injury while playing football.

The former glamour model, 42, shared a video of her tapping a patch of hardened skin on Billy’s leg which he had iced, leaving the skin like ‘rock’.

She wrote: ‘So Billy pulled a muscle playing football and last night he fell asleep with an ice pack on his leg.

‘His skin turned to rock, listen to the sound it makes when I tap it with my nails. To see what it looks like now, watch my stories on here!!!!!’

Jodie then shared a video of the large fluid-filled blisters that had developed on his thigh, which led to worried fans telling them to head to hospital.

One wrote: ‘That tissue is devitalised and could end up necrotic, I’d get medical help ASAP. Please please don’t ever ice for more than 20 mins, and always have material between the ice and skin so it’s non contact. I really hope it’s not too deep.’

Another added: ‘Get to A&E.. ice burns can result in some cases amputation if not treated…’

Jodie later reassured fans that Billy had had medical care for the ice burn, posting a photo of his leg with a large white bandage wrapped around it.

She explained: ‘Just got home from Harlow Princess Alexandra hospital A&E. Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to Dianne who was amazing and kind and made Billy feel completely at ease (he’s terrified of hospitals). Thank you Dianne – you were amazing.

‘And secondly I want to say how amazing all of our NHS are. I sat watching for 2 and a half hours while the reception staff got shouted at; no pleases or thank yous!! People barking at them demanding to know how much longer the wait was and just generally being rude.

Billy’s leg blistered from the ice burn (Picture: Instagram)

Billy reassured fans that he was doing ok after having skin removed from his leg (Picture: Instagram)

‘I watched as a receptionist patiently explained to someone how to get to a certain ward for the woman to storm off without even a thank you. Honestly I was gobsmacked. I’ve never really thought about it before as manners come so naturally to me and we always make sure to say please and thank you but my goodness these poor staff have to put up with a lot. And they do it all with kindness and with a smile on their face. I was so impressed with them all.’

Jodie revealed that Billy had sworn off using an ice pack ever again after having to have a painful procedure to fix the damage.

She explained: ‘Billy has had all the skin removed and is in pain but he’s ok. He will never again use an ice pack. NHS you are wonderful and Dianne we love you.’

Billy joked in the comments of one of Jodie’s posts: ‘Ice only in whiskey’.

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