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Johnny Knoxville runs up ‘$8million in injuries’ with Jackass crew’s total tab ‘topping $24million’ in bone-breaking Jackass stunts

These stunts have proved expensive (Picture: Paramount)

According to a bunch of LA-based number crunchers, Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass injuries have apparently totalled ‘$8million’ (£5.7m) in the kind of Rich List no one would want to top.

Over the years Johnny and his merry band of men have put their bodies on the line in backbreaking stunts and wince-inducing activities all for our (and, let’s be honest, their own) entertainment.

So it may come as no surprise the medical bills have piled high with the crew blasting and bashing their way to $24,263,000 (£17.5m) in medical expenses.

Topping the study, commissioned by pre-settlement funding company Nova Legal Funding, Johnny had an alarming expert estimate of $8.66m (£6.2m) worth of injuries.

Over his Jackass career, we’ve seen Johnny sustain 16 concussions, with co-star Steve-O making light of his comrade’s head injuries in the trailer for their latest coccyx bender.

Steve-O explained: ‘Concussions aren’t great…but as long as you have them before you’re 50, it’s cool. And Knoxville’s 49, so we’re good.’

The study looked at 79 injuries in total, across six members of the Jackass crew, spanning 28 broken bones, 36 head injuries, and one alligator related injury, if you were keen on the gnarly specifics.

Johnny was followed not by his ol’ pal Steve-O but by Ehren McGhehey, who tallied up an estimated $7.3m (£5.2m) in injuries.

If you were wondering, Steve-O was in third with a total of $5.82m (£4.2m) with his series of broken teeth making up $350,000 (£252k) of the repair bill alone. Dave England was on the list at $1.6m (£1.15m) and Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuña coming in at fifth place with $675,000 (£486k).

In crunching these numbers, for want of a better word, which, we should note, aren’t an official finding from the Jackass team, experts used internal expertise for each reported injury sustained by members of the Jackass cast before, during and in between all of the series and films.

In terms of the most expensive injuries, the study estimated Johnny’s brain haemorrhage in 2020 during filming for Jackass Forever to have cost a headache-inducing $2.5m (£1.8m), while Steve-O’s skull fracture cost an estimated $1.75m (£1.2m).

Turns out the warning on the screen ahead of each Jackass episode and film has never been so important – do not try these stunts at home, people.

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