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Justin Bieber hits out at ‘sad excuse of a human’ for trolling wife Hailey Baldwin over his ex Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber has slammed a social media troll for targeting his wife Hailey Baldwin and encouraging others to ‘go after’ her.

The Baby hit-maker, 26, was seen jumping to the defence of Hailey after coming across a video a troll had posted to Instagram, telling others to ‘bombard’ a live video Hailey had planned.

The girl in the video wanted fans to troll Hailey over Justin’s past relationship with ex Selena Gomez – insisting that ‘Selena is better’.

Justin branded the troll a ‘sad excuse of a human’ as he shared the clip to his Instagram story to show fans the hate himself and Hailey have to regularly face on social media.

In the video, the girl says: ‘Hailey Baldwin is going to do a live, where she’s talking about herself – 20 questions with Justin Bieber.

‘This is the time where they will not be turning off comments, so we need to bombard that s**t with Jelena and how Selena is better. Go after her. Please, let’s all go after her.’

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Justin slammed the troll as a ‘sad excuse of a human’ (Picture: Instagram)

Justin hit back with a lengthy statement, where he asked fans for their ‘prayers and support’. He wrote: ‘This sad excuse of a human just encouraged people on video to literally go after my wife telling people to say that my previous relationship was better so on and so forth.

‘I just wanted to share this so that people get an idea of what we face on a day to day. It is extremely hard to choose the high road when I see people like this try and rally to gather people to bully the person I love the most in this world. It is not right.’

Justin continued: ‘But I will say this. As many people as there are that want to spend their time publicly degrading, shaming and trying to humiliate us, we would like to ask those who have it in them to lift us up in prayer. We need prayer and support as we continue to put ourselves out there.’

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He refused to let the video get to him (Picture: Instagram)

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Hailey says she will ‘never condone this kind of hateful behaviour’ (Picture: Instagram)

Insisting the troll must be ‘miserable’, the singer chose to rise above the video and said: ‘After watching that I could easily let it steal my joy, but then I think about her life and how miserable she must be to want to spend her life trying to make others feel small.

‘The lesson here is SHE’S THE ONE MISSING OUT… life is fulfilling when you uplift and add value to people! A life where you want to make others feel small will leave you with no friends and no real JOY.’

Hailey had also addressed the video, that has been doing the rounds on Twitter, and labelled it ‘shockingly unhealthy and sad’.

She re-posted Justin’s statements, before adding her own that read: ‘I usually stay quiet and don’t acknowledge these things because I need to protect myself and my mental.

‘But it has truly gotten to a level of anger and hate and that is shockingly unhealthy and sad. I would never in a million years wish for someone to be treated this way and I will never condone this kind of hateful behaviour (sic).’

Hailey said: ‘I want only to support, uplift and encourage other women in this industry and wish them nothing but love and success and I wish for all of my followers and supporters to do the same!! Wishing the young woman in that video all the best, I hope she finds love, peace and happiness in this life.’

She and Justin have been married for two years, after first tying the knot at a courthouse in New York in September 2018. The pair then remarried a year later in October 2019 in a second wedding they held for family and friends in South Carolina.

Justin and Hailey had previously dated in the past, but reconnected in 2017 just months following his split from Selena, who he dated on and off for eight years.


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