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Kate Beckinsale says back pain that left her in hospital was ‘worse than childbirth’

Kate Beckinsale managed to injure herself by putting on leggings (Picture: katebeckinsale/The Late Late Show)

Kate Beckinsale has opened up about her recent stint in the hospital, admitting putting her back out was worse than giving birth.

The actress, 48, had worried fans in September when she posted photos of herself in hospital after suffering a back injury, which came about while she was putting on a pair of leggings.

Kate revealed on Monday’s The Late Late Show with James Corden: ‘Having done eight or nine hundred action movies, I hurt myself putting on a pair of leggings in my hotel room.’

She had been filming Prisoner’s Daughter in Las Vegas when disaster struck – but her injury wasn’t due to doing anything strenuous on set.

‘I was doing a very intense emotional drama and not running up walls or anything,’ Kate explained.

‘I was in my hotel room putting on a pair of leggings, and it felt like a sort of guitar string snapped and everything was horrible.

‘I mean, worse than having a baby bad, bad. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t lie down, I couldn’t sit down. I couldn’t do anything.’

Kate revealed: ‘Eventually an ambulance came and they sort of rolled out a sheet and picked me up in it like a, sort of, sausage, and put me on a gurney.’

The actress doesn’t drink but says the cocktail of painkillers she was given in the hospital gave her an idea of what she would be like if she did.

She joked: ‘I really found out what kind of a drunk I am first, so did everyone else. I’m not a “Do you know who I am? Have you seen all my films?”-type, which is a huge relief because I’m really glad I’m not. But I am a “Everybody’s trying to steal my f**king ovaries.”’


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