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Kate Lawler gets apology from woman who ‘body shamed’ her after she ‘lost most of her baby weight’ following birth of daughter Noa

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Kate Lawler has responded to a person who ‘body shamed’ her for ‘losing baby weight’ two weeks after her daughter’s birth (Picture: Instagram)

Kate Lawler has had an apology from a woman who called her ‘too skinny’ after the birth of her daughter Noa.

The Big Brother star had called her out on Instagram urging her to ‘check herself’, adding that she was ‘setting a bad example’ for her own family.

However Kate, who welcomed Noa in February, has since posted an update revealed her agent received a ‘lengthy email’ from the woman who had left the comment, and asked her followers not to ‘pile on’.

She wrote: ‘I’ve deleted my previous stories regarding the woman who commented on my post as she’s receiving a ton of DMs and I don’t want this to turn into a pile-on.

‘She’s sent a lengthy email to me via my agent apologising, so let’s move on.

‘I stand by what I said but regardless of what she said, I don’t want her being upset or abused. Thanks for always having my back. I love you all.’

The reality TV champ had previously shut the woman down for ‘body shaming’.

So what if I’ve lost weight? Why does this bother you? I’ve nothing but eat constantly since my daughter was born due to me breastfeeding and feeling hungry all the time and haven’t done any exercise due to me having a c-section.

‘I can’t help the way I look right now and I don’t care that my jeans still don’t fit me, I don’t expect them to! And FYI I’d lost most of my baby weight within 14 days after giving birth, and I was really surprised.

‘All our bodies are different. Some of us have faster metabolisms than others. Weight loss due to stress exists and making rude comments when you have no idea what the mental state of a person is just dangerous and unkind.’

She went on: ‘Check yourself and stop body shaming, you’re setting a bad example to your daughter.’

Kate has been keeping her social media followers updated on her daughter’s progress after she had ‘complications’ during Noa’s birth.

She has also spoken out about how she is feeling since becoming a mum, sharing that it hasn’t been easy.

My Celebrity Life –

Kate has been open about how she has been coping since becoming a mum (Picture: Instagram)

Kate said: ‘I’m not coping well mentally and I wish I could be stronger for my daughter. I’m not enjoying what I’m going through, yes I’m struggling and you’re right, I am sad behind the eyes because I’ve always taken on new challenges like a duck to water but this one in testing me and I feel like I’m failing.

‘I’m not afraid to say it because thanks to people like you, there’s far too much pressure on new parents to say how blissful the “newborn bubble” is when really it’s different for EVERY parent because EVERY baby is different.’

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