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Katherine Ryan jokes she ‘catfished’ husband Bobby Kootstra as he shares brilliant birthday photo tribute

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Katherine Ryan has joked she catfished her husband Bobby Kootstra well and good as he shared a birthday tribute to the comedian on Wednesday.

The pair – who welcomed son Fred earlier this month – were seen cuddling in one of the photos Bobby shared of his birthday beloved, as they took in a swanky holiday.

Cut to the present day, Bobby remarked on how life had changed for the pair with a photo of Katherine, who turned 38 today, taking a hot second to shove some food in her mouth while newborn Fred slept (we can only hazard a guess parents have seconds, guys, SECONDS to enjoy such things) on her lap.

It’s quite the juxtaposition, we have to say.

Bobby wrote: ‘Happy Birthday to the best wife and mum! Xx @kathbum We are all so lucky:)??? Things have hardly changed… #loveyou.’

Oh it’s all kinds of cute, isn’t it?

Reacting to Bobby’s post, Katherine chimed in with a fishing rod emoji: ‘Catfished you good.’

We beg to differ, Katherine is rocking that ‘in the delivery room after giving birth’ look in a manner just as chic as the ‘we’re on a tropical island without a care in the world’ holiday vibe.

Katherine and Bobby have been married for two years, but the pair first met in their younger years, dating when they were just 15.

They lost touch for a good 20 years before reconnecting and falling in love yet again.

It comes after Katherine revealed her husband had received a right royal DM sliding after an ex got in touch recently.

The comic kept her cool in the best way, telling the tale on her podcast Telling Everybody Everything last week.

On the subject of being peaceful in the wake of welcoming another baby, The Duchess star said: ‘”Oh no, I love being peaceful, what if that is taken away from me?” Don’t worry, it wasn’t. I have remained cool, calm and collected.

My Celebrity Life –

The pair welcomed a baby earlier this month (Picture: bobby_k__ Instagram)

‘But, two days ago something occurred in my relationship which threatened that peace. I’d had a baby six days before so I was having some human feelings.

‘Less of my robot, always happy, always calm self. More vulnerable to human emotions, I guess. I thought, “oh how interesting”. I paid attention to these feelings. I’ve tried to remember them now and I think it’s a really good bridge to connect with you…’

Insisting the peace flowed through her relationship and remained undisturbed during this DM episode, she went on: ‘So…my husband receives a DM on Instagram from a woman that he casually dated after having met on one of those apps. And this is years ago, we have been married for two years so before that when he was living in Canada and single, whatever.’

Reading out the message, Katherine explained: ‘This message said: “Oh hey, small world. I have a mutual friend with one of your wife’s exes.”

‘He read it out to me…and I had a choice, what’s my reaction gonna be? Number one, get off my lawn…everyone has different behaviour.

‘Did she do anything wrong? Was it wrong to message him and say that? No. Was he wrong to receive an Instagram DM? No, no one’s wrong, it was a lovely, friendly message.’

However, she said: ‘Would I look on social media and see someone I casually dated just had a baby with their wife six days ago. Would I message them? No. I am not an animal. Some of us were raised by wolves. I never would have sent that message, but fine.’

Katherine went on to say that she chose to pay the message no mind, recalling pearls of wisdom she learnt from ‘philosopher’ Cardi B and regaining her ‘Buddhist calm’.

A masterclass!

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