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Katherine Ryan shares sweet photo of both children as newborns: ‘When I had nothing, I had you and I had everything’

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Katherine Ryan shared photos of both her children as newborns (Picture: Instagram

Katherine Ryan has shared a sweet post in honour of her daughter’s 12th birthday, posting a side by side image of her and her son as newborns.

The comedian, 37, was cradling daughter Violet, now 12, in the image on the left of the post, and her newborn son Fred, who was born on June 13 on the right.

She wrote alongside it: ‘Little girl with my big girl June 2009. Big girl with my little boy June 2021.

‘Happy Birthday, Violet – to your secret account – You are my sun & my moon & my stars. When I had nothing, I had you and I had everything. Fred is ok too.’

Katherine refers to Violet as ‘the love of [her] life’ and has previously said the pair have a ‘sisterly’ bond.

She recently spoke out about the birth of her son with partner Bobby Koostra, which happened just two weeks after she went public with her pregnancy.

My Celebrity Life –

Katherine posed with Violet (left) and Fred (right) in the birthday tribute to her daughter (Picture: Instagram)

Katherine revealed on her podcast that her labour was three hours from the first contraction to Fred’s delivery and came on suddenly.

She described giving birth: ‘It feels like the worst food poisoning of your life, you will s**t yourself for most of the day.’

The Duchess star had initially wanted a home birth but was advised against it due to having lupus and also being classed as a ‘geriatric pregnancy’ as she is over 35.

My Celebrity Life –

Katherine and her partner, Bobby Koostra, welcomed their son on June 13 (Picture: bobby_k__ Instagram)

Katherine added: ‘My waters had not gone… I took one more deep, deep breath of the gas and air, it’s out of your control at that point, I had a biological urge to push as much as I could, I would wait for no one, I’m sorry, then I beared down as hard as I could and my waters popped and gushed like a dam breaking in Niagra Falls.

‘I got everything wet in that room. Luckily the waters were clear and clean. I pushed that head out. They told Bobby “look down, your baby’s head”, and he did. And there’s a little baby smiling up at him.

‘We didn’t know the gender… I took another big breath of gas and air… you think the shoulders and body are worse than the head, kinda not, pushed the rest of him out. Bobby said he was a boy and I said, “oh ok”.’

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