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Katie Piper horrified as one of her daughter’s hamster eats the other: ‘We’ve found his remains’

Katie Piper was left horrified by a grim discovery when it came to her daughter Belle’s missing hamster.

The mum-of-two explained that her family has two hamsters and she and her husband Richard James Sutton found that one had been eaten by the other.

Hamsters are cannibals. Who knew.

Katie revealed that she and Richard had been checking on the hamsters and noticed that one was missing when they had gone to give them their nightly feed. Unfortunately for them, they then found the hamster’s remains buried in the sawdust, with Katie admitting the discovery was ‘worse than we thought’.

Taking to her Instagram story, Katie said: ‘We’re just about to go to bed and we think we’ve made a bit of a grim discovery.’

‘I think one of our little companion’s hamsters has died,’ Richard added, before Katie explained: ‘Obviously they are nocturnal, so they’re normally both out by now, we’ve just shaken the packet of food they both like and normally they both come running out, but only one came.

Katie was horrified to find the dead hamster (Picture: Instagram)
One hamster had eaten the other (Picture: Instagram)

‘So, we’re about to take the surviving one out and search through the saw dust.’

Keeping fans updated, a shocked Katie then revealed: Ok, it’s slightly worse than we thought. Belle’s hamster is dead and we have found his remains because the other hamster has eaten him.

‘We’ve just googled it and apparently that’s a thing. They’re not vegetarians, they’re cannibals.’

Katie turned to her fans for some advice, asking if they knew any more on the matter, especially as she was advised to keep the hamsters together.

‘We bought them at a reputable pet shop. They were same sex and dwarf hamsters. We were told they should be kept together as a pair and they always seemed to get on,’ she said.

Katie later added that she was gearing up to tell her daughter Belle, six, the bad news, as she told fans: ‘Lots of DMs asking for hamster-gate update. Have put the hamster remains (fur and bones) in a Jo Malone box in the garage.

‘My husband goes to work still and I am home schooling alone, so am not going to tell Belle until the evening time. Going with the line he passed away in his sleep due to old age rather than his best friend murdered and ate him. Then will give her option to bury box in the garden.’

Katie is mum to two daughters Belle and Penelope, three, who she shares with husband Richard. She and Richard tied the knot in 2015, nearly a year after he had proposed.


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