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Katie Price cries out in agony after waking up from excruciating cosmetic surgery in Turkey: ‘I feel sick’

My Celebrity Life –

Katie Price is documenting her cosmetic surgery procedures for YouTube (Picture: YouTube)

Katie Price was filmed crying out in pain after undergoing a series of cosmetic surgery procedures in Turkey. 

The former glamour model has documented her latest round of enhancements on her YouTube channel, after flying over to Istanbul for work including liposuction, a facelift and a Brazilian bum lift.

In her latest video uploaded on Sunday, doctors are seen working on Katie mid-surgery before she’s wheeled into a recovery room with her head completely bandaged up after the partial facelift.

The 43-year-old then has the drains removed from her arm and admitted she was anxious about it as it would be painful.

In distressing scenes, she’s heard crying out in sheer agony and shakes uncontrollably as the nurse removes the drips from her arm.

‘I feel sick,’ she remarked at one point, while also explaining that her eyes were shut because it was ‘easier’ than keeping them open.

Katie was overall feeling positive about the surgery, stating: ‘It’s all good, I probably don’t look it.’ The reality star added that she was ‘one million percent happy I done it’.

However, her fiance Carl Woods had second thoughts about going through with his own cosmetic procedures.

Sitting in the hospital while Katie was in hospital, the 32-year-old said: ‘I’m not in the surgery world, I’m not used to it. I used to be in good shape when I was going to the gym but I haven’t seen the gym in a year now.

‘Just trying to keep [my] business alive and obviously daily stresses with Covid… So I was looking at myself now thinking, “This is not you”. I got sold into the quick fix but when I sit there and I contemplate it, that ain’t the man that I am, I’m not into cosmetic surgery and stuff.

My Celebrity Life –

The TV star cried and shook uncontrollably during a painful moment post-surgery (Picture: YouTube)

‘I’m just gonna go home, work out, diet and do it the hard way.’

It comes after Katie’s doctor was seen advising her not to go through with a full facelift as her skin was already too tight.

‘Did I just hear no more lifting in my face? What? No, you do what you think [is best],’ Katie said in a previous video.

Dr Kerim then explained: ‘You don’t need [it]. When I lift it, your mouth comes to the side, looks more wider. You don’t have any excess skin here.’

Delivering the disappointing blow, he added: ‘Your skin is too tight, only thing we can do for your forehead is botox.’

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