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Katie Price reveals repairs to son Harvey’s home after he punches holes in the walls and rips off cupboard doors

Katie Price had to plaster the walls of her son Harvey’s home after he punched holes through them as she showed fans the tougher moments of caring for him.

The mum-of-five shared a new video on to help people understand ‘what Harvey’s done and why’.

Harvey, 18, had also ripped off cupboard doors and thrown them across the room, broken televisions and destroyed two iPads.

She said that ‘no one understands’ the difficulties she and Harvey go through on a daily basis

Standing in the kitchen, Katie said to her eldest son: ‘What did you do bang your head on it? You pulled it off and it’s now there.

‘If you turn round here this is the star of what Harvey’s done,’ she went on, showing viewers holes in the kitchen wall.

‘He dents it so bad that you can see this stuff behind the wall. It’s weird because he hasn’t smashed these bits, he hasn’t done the mirror. It looks like you’ve rugby tackled your wall here.

‘If you look around the house all of this, he’s got these holes here, he did have a picture but that came off because he’s done this. We have tried to plaster it but obviously when he goes out of himself I have to get the house redone.

Katie wanted Harvey to explain what had happened to his home (Picture: YouTube)

Moving through the house she continued: ‘In the lounge here he smashed the picture that was up there, these walls here. This is one of the worse ones. He’s done it so much that you can see the pipes so I need to get it fixed or he’s gonna see these pipes out.’

She asked Harvey: ‘Why did you do this? What was that for? You hate it when mummy goes. Is it because you want your mum with you all the time? Why, do you miss me?’

Katie shared: ‘When people in authority say, “oh he’s not bad” – I need help. This isn’t normal behaviour, no one understands but I’m showing you guys to show what it’s like with Harvey.

‘He’s always in a good mood but when he kicks off this is what happens.’

Katie showed what happened to the walls (Picture: YouTube)

The former glamour model, 42, revealed that Harvey, who weighs 28st, turns violent if she tries to stop him eating.

‘It’s not what he eats in the day, it’s what he eats when I don’t see him. I’ve tried hiding food but he’ll find it,’ she said.

The My Crazy Life star exercises with Harvey in a bid to improve his health and fitness with her fiance Carl Woods giving him some exercise equipment and transforming his garage so he has somewhere to work out.

In some areas the damage had exposed the pipes in the walls (Picture: YouTube)

Katie has been open about the struggles Harvey has with his weight, due to the disabilities he was born with, including Prader-Willi syndrome which causes weight gain.

In December, she revealed that Harvey had lost 4kg in a week as she has overhauled his diet and exercise regime, telling OK magazine: ‘We’ve got some gym stuff for him and put it all in Carl’s garage.

‘Prep Kitchen are also going to send meals to his school. We want to try anything to help him lose his weight. He’s lost 4kg this week, so at least he’s lost something.’

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