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Lady Gaga denounces white supremacy in powerful speech: ‘The colour of my skin is not lost on me’

Lady Gaga has called for white people to ‘unlearn’ the systemic racism that exists in the US while acknowledging her own privilege during a powerful acceptance speech. 

The Shallow singer received the Beloved Community’s Yolanda Denise King Higher Ground Award this weekend from the charity that was founded in Martin Luther King Jr’s name.

In a powerful seven-minute speech, Lady Gaga dedicated the award to Black people and other people of colour while denouncing white supremacy.

‘I stand before you with humility and solidarity in my heart, committed to a future where everyone is truly free,’ Lady Gaga began.

The Grammy-winning singer continued: ‘Community to me is the backbone of how we relate and live with each other as individuals…

‘I dedicate this award to Black, brown and indigenous people, triumphant people whose resilience is the light force of every beloved community in this country.

‘Black, brown and indigenous people continue to thrive in the midst of systemic oppression, thrive with radical joy and unapologetically creating full and beautiful lives despite the systems of white supremacy that are intended to keep them from doing so.’

Lady Gaga, 34, then thanked healthcare providers, ancestors, activists, educators, leaders, voters and poll workers, explaining that it is ‘impossible’ for her to ‘express the reverence I feel in [her] heart’ for their service.

Addressing her own white privilege, the Bad Romance singer said: ‘The colour of my own skin is not lost on me in this very racialised moment. I am aware that I am before you Stefani Germotta, a given name; as Lady Gaga, a famous white woman with the power of a wide platform.

‘And my racial identity only centres my whiteness while I’m still very much finding my place in creating Dr King Jr’s beloved community.

‘My actions fuelled by some of my own racialised mistakes and missteps. I dedicate this award to people of colour. Period.’


Lady Gaga continued: ‘I want white people to know that tonight as I talk about unlearning, I am speaking to you. Black Lives Matter, Black life matters, blackness matters, Black joy matters. White people, I believe that Black people represent the best of our nation and as white people, I believe we have a responsibility to unlearn.

‘To accept the honest truth about the history of our country, admit that white supremacy makes us unhealthy and change our own behaviours to contribute to a world where freedom is real for everyone.

‘We must right our wrongs without shame.’

Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, has been vocal during the US presidential election and publicly endorsed President-Elect Joe Biden at one of his campaign rallies.

It has now been confirmed that Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem at Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday and she supported the impeachment of President Donald Trump for inciting insurrection before the Capitol riots.


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