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Laurence Fox clashes with Piers Morgan in heated debate over Millwall fans who booed players kneeling for Black Lives Matter

Laurence Fox has offered to appear on Good Morning Britain tomorrow to continue his heated debate with Piers Morgan over the Millwall fans who booed players kneeling for Black Lives Matter. 

The outspoken personalities got into a Twitter clash on Sunday while discussing the horrific incident that took place during the Millwall and Derby football game this weekend.

As players from both teams bent down on one knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, boos and jeers rang around the stadium from the Millwall fans.

Those who booed were condemned by Millwall’s club chiefs who said they were ‘saddened and dismayed’ by the events.

Piers slammed the Millwall fans who ‘booed their own Black players’ and told a follower: ‘Don’t you dare pretend the Millwall fans who did that have “taken black players to their hearts”. Their black players like Mahlon Romeo were heartbroken yesterday. Understand THAT.’

Laurence – who has been critical of the BLM movement in the past – spotted Piers’ comments and replied: ‘Kneeling is a gesture of subservience and submission in our culture. People must feel free to demonstrate their abhorrence to racism in their own way. Insistence that the knee is the morally superior way enforces religious rituals. I’m not sure the county agrees.’

The TV presenter hit back and explained the origins of the protest, writing: ‘Utter nonsense. Taking the knee in sport to protest racial injustice began when NFL star @Kaepernick7 was advised to do it by Green Beret @NateBoyer37 who told him is was something soldiers did to mark their respect for fallen comrades that died in battle.’


Laurence then shared a photo of German footballers giving the Nazi salute before their game against England in 1935.

‘It’s happened before… Appeasement is the incorrect choice,’ the actor captioned the photo.

This only enraged Piers further as he responded: ‘You’re comparing taking the knee as a protest against racial injustice to appeasing Nazis? SERIOUSLY??? Get a grip Laurence – you’re losing the plot.’

Laurence then questioned which football team Piers ‘stands in moral judgement on’, adding that it’s a ‘complex argument’.

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Laurence could make an appearance on GMB tomorrow morning (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

‘It is the 1938 England football association position you are mocking Piers. Do you stand in condemnation of every one of those men and their lives aswell? We should resist enforced orthodoxy. That’s my view. It don’t believe in moral superiority [sic],’ he told the presenter.

Piers explained that nobody is ‘forced to take the knee’ in a democracy and that it ‘would be nice’ if those who did choose to protest against racial injustice weren’t booed by ‘racist morons’. He then accused Laurence of ‘fuelling these bigots with your absurd false equivalence’.

The broadcast journalist then claimed to have invited Laurence onto Good Morning Britain six weeks ago but he ‘pulled out at the last minute’.

It seems Laurence could be joining Piers and Susanna on Monday morning as he replied: ‘I’ll come on tomorrow morning. Say the word.’

The pair were embroiled in another row earlier this week after Piers criticised Laurence for breaking lockdown rules by having friends over to his house for lunch.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 


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