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Lizzo reveals unique artwork made by pressing her bare bum cheeks on canvas and it’s actually very good

Lizzo’s booty artwork will be available to buy (Picture: Lizzo/Instagram)

Lizzo’s famous posterior has proved it’s got another talent besides twerking while she plays the flute – it can also make some pretty impressive artwork too!

The singer, 33, took to Instagram to share her ‘a** art’, which she created by covering her bum cheeks in paint before pressing them on to the canvas.

It might sound like a slightly unusual concept but – hear us out – it actually makes for a very impressive final product.

We’d definitely put that on our wall.

Lizzo told her followers: ‘I think Ima start makin more a** art. Who wants a bootyfly?’

She added in the video: ‘Hey all, it’s your girl Lizzie Picasso here. You already know what time it is – I’m coming to Art Basel.’

Teasing that she would be performing at the annual art fair which takes place this week in Miami Beach, which can also be live-streamed, she added: ‘Also, I’m gonna do a special little art piece, a limited edition art piece that you can purchase during the live stream.

‘That’s right b***h, we going crazy. You wanna see me show my a**?’

Lizzo began dressed in a long patterned dress, pulling her hair back with a bandana as she painted a mustard background and white circle onto a canvas.

Lizzo painted abstract shapes inside a circle first (Picture: Lizzo / Instagram)
Paint was then plastered over her bum cheeks before she pushed them onto the canvas (Picture: Lizzo / Instagram)
The finished product will look lovely on someone’s wall (Picture: Lizzo / Instagram)

She added a purple and pink abstract shape before filling in the white circle with multiple colours, before preparing to add a bum print on top.

Stripping down to her underwear, an assistant helped to daub blue paint onto her bum cheeks before adding drizzles of light blue and white on top.

Lizzo smiled broadly as she then backed up towards the canvas, before leaving a print of the paint in the centre of it.

Who knew painting with your buttocks could work?

One lucky buyer will get to have this very one-of-a-kind piece of artwork pride of place in their home – and we can’t wait to see how much it’ll fetch when it goes up for sale.


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