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Lost song from The Muppet Christmas Carol has been rediscovered and will be added back in

Fans of The Muppet Christmas Carol are in for a treat as director Brian Henson has revealed that a lost song from the original edit has finally been found.

The much-loved Christmas film, which came out in 1992, originally had a song called When Love Is Gone in it, sung to a young Scrooge by his fiancée Belle, but was removed as Disney felt it wouldn’t appeal to young viewers.

The track is heard when Scrooge is transported back in time in the reworking of the Charles Dickens story, and reminisces on his younger years with Belle.

Director Brian, who is the son of Muppets creator Jim Henson, revealed to BBC Radio 2 that the version has finally been found and is being added back into the movie.

He revealed: ‘It’s the lost piece of negative of the movie, they found it two weeks ago.

‘They’re all set with the full-length version again, I don’t know if they’re going to get it up on Disney Plus in time for Christmas because they have all these processes but it is coming back, the full-length version.

‘They’ve been trying to find that negative for years and years and years and then they didn’t actually find the negative, they found something one better.’

He revealed that when the film was originally cut, someone in the editing room had had the good sense to keep an unedited copy of the footage just in case, and it’s from this that the song will be added back in.

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Director Brian Henson was over the moon that the footage had been found (Picture: Justin Lubin/Jim Henson Co/Kobal/REX)

He explained: ‘I was so excited. They actually hid it… so I went down and they said: “But before we show it to you, we’ve got something else we want to show you”.

‘And they put up reel four of Christmas Carol with When Love Is Gone. I was like, “No, you did not!” and they said, “Yes we did! We found it!” I was so happy, I was so happy.’

The full interview can be heard in The Muppets at Christmas: It’s Time To Play The Music, on BBC Radio 2 from 7pm on December 25. 


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