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Love Island’s Scott Thomas reveals gambling problem had him going through nan’s handbag for money

Scott Thomas has opened up about his past struggles with gambling, admitting at his lowest point he even searched his nan’s handbag for money.

The former Love Island star, 32, revealed that he had a problem with gambling on the podcast he shares with his brothers, Adam and Ryan Thomas.

He said on Mancs On The Mic: ‘When I was a student, I got a really bad gambling problem. I’m not going to lie to you, it really got hold of me, and no one knew how bad it was.

‘I was a student and I was going out after student nights out, end up in a casino losing thousands of pounds of my student loan and everything else.

‘The next day I would wake up at eight in the morning and waiting outside the bookies on my own to try to win it back.’

Adam revealed that Scott used to ask him and Ryan to lend him money to feed his habit, while keeping them in the dark about what the money was for.

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Scott revealed the story on his podcast with brothers Adam and Ryan (Picture:@scott.thomas/Instagram)

Scott continued: ‘It was so bad. I couldn’t tell anyone how bad it was at first. You guys just thought it was after nights out but it was like I was waking up in the morning and going to the bookies.

‘I remember waiting outside casinos on my own for it to open and it feels so weird, like such a different chapter in my life, I feel like it wasn’t me but that’s what happens, these things wrap you up.’

He admitted that at his lowest point, he even hunted through his nan’s handbags to see if there was any money lying about

‘I remember, and this is how bad it was, this is a secret. I’ve never told anyone this, but I remember being around at me nan’s, and I remember being that desperate that I was checking her old handbags for £20s and stuff like that,’ he admitted.

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The former Love Island hunk had never revealed the lengths he went to while struggling with gambling (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

‘It was so bad. I was about 18, maybe a bit older like 20, or something like that.’

Ryan revealed that their nan gave all of the grandkids £20,000 as part of an inheritance, which he then saw Scott giving out to all the people he owed money to.

He revealed that Scott then broke down and admitted his problem, before going to Gamblers Anonymous to get it under control.

Ryan added: ‘That night you came to me, knocked at the door and broke down in tears and said “Ryan, I’ve got a problem and I need help”.

‘And I’m so glad I didn’t reach out to you because I think we’re the sort of people who have to make those decisions for ourselves, no-one can tell you what to do, or how to handle a situation, you have to be ready when you’re ready.

‘We took you to Gambler’s Anonymous, I came with you. I couldn’t come in I had to sit with the family and friends of the gamblers downstairs.’


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