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Lucy Spraggan celebrates ‘merry t*tmas’ as she undergoes surgery to ‘get her boobies back’

Lucy Spraggan is undergoing breast enlargement surgery today after ‘losing her boobs’ through weight loss.

The X Factor star previously said she ‘literally ran her t*ts off’ after losing three stone and being left with loose skin.

After choosing a surgery to carry out the operation, the 28-year-old excitedly looked forward to the life-changing op on Instagram, joking: ‘Merry T*tmas.’

Lucy wrote: ‘It’s just hit me, and I feel very nervous now… I’m getting my boobies back tomorrow ?.

‘The last 16 months have been a complete revolution for me, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. I spent my whole life yo-yo dieting, drinking too much, feeling f***ing sad and at a constant battle with the way I felt about my body. Not just the way it looked, but how I felt in my skin. My identity. My abilities. My ego.

‘It makes me sad when I think about the way I treated myself; I was so careless and absent minded. I over-worked and I didn’t take time to rest, I didn’t feel passionate about the things I could do (again physically or mentally), I didn’t have any real goals and I had very much lost my enthusiasm somewhere along the way.

My Celebrity Life –

Lucy celebrated ‘merry t*tmas’ (Picture: Instagram)

‘The truth is, when I think about how I’d get so drunk I’d end up waking up somewhere I didn’t know, or relying on other people to get me home, getting into such danger I realise what was wrong: I had a blatant and really sad disregard for my life and I didn’t honestly care about survival.

‘It just didn’t matter what happened to me. Today I feel a lot different.’

The Last Night singer continued: ‘I am in f***ing awe of what this body can do, I run everywhere because I love it, I work hard and write meaningful music, where I can I use it to help others, I am a good friend that can use my ears now as well as my mouth ?.

‘I’m proud of my brain and all it’s overcome, I am proud of the healing that it’s still doing. I am thrilled to have left behind the negative burden I was surrounded by daily.

‘Tomorrow I am getting back a physical part of me that I lost, but also sealing the deal with myself, this is it now:  I’m gonna love myself, always.

‘Not because of the way my new boobs will look, but because of the confidence I have grown. I would normally cringe writing that but I don’t give a ? today. Feels like a weird kind of closure, and I had no idea I’d feel that way.’

My Celebrity Life –

Lucy has lost three stone (Picture: Ken McKay/Thames/REX/Shutterstock)

Lucy previously expressed her intention to undergo surgery in October, as she revealed she had loose skin around her breasts.

She said: ‘My boobs got hit pretty hard by losing weight. I have been lucky with loose skin, I have a bit around my belly (just below my waist band) and my arms – which I used to be terrified about people seeing. I’d make sure there were no pictures where you could see it and wear clothes that covered that part of me up.

‘Now, loose skin on my arms and belly have become a bit of a badge of pride, something that I not only don’t mind but there’s something liberating about it. My boobs, however, are a different story. I have tried and tried to look in the mirror and love them.

‘I’ve tried to respect their choice to be low, empty bags where my actual t*ts used to be but I just can’t. Truth is, when I look at my boobs in the mirror they make me feel pretty miserable and insecure.

‘I’ve worked really hard to get my body to somewhere I feel super comfortable with it, it’s the first time I’ve ever felt like that and honestly, I’m like ‘you b*****ds! I don’t deserve this!’ about my lil pancakes ?. SO, here is WHY I am telling you this… I want to get my boobies fixed and I have absolutely NO idea where to even start.’

Lucy said that she wouldn’t be getting big implants, but just wanted to return to the size she used to be.

The singer chose Scottish clinic Cosmedicare for the surgery, noting they were vocal in their inclusion of trans people, and that they had helped facilitate top surgery for those unable to access private healthcare.

Lucy rose to fame on the 2012 series of The X Factor, and came ninth after dropping out due to illness.

In recent years, she has transformed her life by going sober and getting involved in fitness, and often shares her workouts and runs on social media.


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