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Lucy Spraggan recalls mistake of eating just ‘500 calories a day’ as she stresses importance of being ‘totally transparent’ about weight loss

Lucy Spraggan has said she wants to be ‘totally transparent’ when it comes to her weight loss journey and she admits she made mistakes when she first started getting in to shape.

The singer, 29, who found fame on The X Factor in 2012, has undergone a huge lifestyle overhaul in the last three years, after splitting from her ex-wife Georgina Gordon in 2019, going tee-total and focusing on her fitness.

As a result, she’s lost three-and-a-half stone and documented her weight loss journey on social media for fans to see.

Now, Lucy is a qualified personal trainer and hopes to help others wanting to do the same by setting up her own fitness-inspired brand Fully Rewired – a six-week plan she has put together with the help of nutritionists and gym experts.

‘All I really want to do is guide people on the same journey I have been on, that I am still on, but without all the mistakes,’ Lucy told PA.

Owning up to errors she made, Lucy confessed that when she first began losing weight she was only eating 500 calories a day. Generally, the recommended calorie intake for women per day is around 2000 calories.

My Celebrity Life –
Lucy is now sharing her fitness tips with fans without her ‘mistakes’ (Picture: Instagram)
My Celebrity Life –
The X Factor star wants to be ‘totally transparent’ with fans about her weight loss (Picture: PA)

‘At the beginning I was eating 500 calories a day, which is not enough for an adult human being,’ she revealed, adding that she wanted to be able to ‘put her message out there’ but with the expert advice needed to go with it.

Lucy stressed that she feels the need to be ‘totally transparent’ when it comes to her weight loss, especially as she is in the public eye.

‘The thing about losing loads of weight is that loads of people in the public eye lose loads of weight and they just look ace in a bikini,’ she said.

‘I did it and I realised that something that happens a lot is that your boobs become empty bags of skin because you have lost the body fat.’

Unable to relate to seemingly picture perfect transformations of fellow celebrities, Lucy decided to share her own experience on social media – including her decision to opt for a boob job.

‘I wanted to be totally transparent that that is what happens – you get loose skin,’ she continued. ‘I have got loose skin on my belly, I have got loose skin on my arms.’

My Celebrity Life –
Lucy opted to have a boob job after being left with ’empty’ boobs (Picture: Instagram)

Lucy – who is gearing up for the release of her new autobiographical album Choices – opted for a 34D bust and following her op, she said she felt ‘absolutely incredible’ after previously feeling insecure about her breasts.

‘I am looking forward to getting back into the bedroom, I can’t wait ‘til the pain has gone but I can’t believe how well I feel already,’ she told MailOnline of her recovery.

‘My girlfriend didn’t realise how badly I felt about my pre-surgery boobs. I always wanted to keep a bra on in the bedroom.

‘If I wasn’t laying down, my boobs were like udders. She has fake boobs, so she reassured me about having surgery and now I’ve got bigger t*ts than her.’


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