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Martin Lewis cops abuse over England v Ukraine Euro 2020 question

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Martin revealed the abuse triggered his anxiety (Picture: S Meddle/ITV)

Good Morning Britain guest host Martin Lewis has shared his anxiety at copping abuse for asking a simple question about England’s Euro 2020 match against Ukraine on the weekend.

While taking in the Saturday night football game that caught the attention of the nation (which saw England come closer to bringing it home with the 4-0 win) Martin noticed what he assumed to be Ukraine’s nod to its opponent.

Not too across the meaning of the team’s kit featuring an English flag, he took to Twitter to see if his 1.1million followers could fill him in on the meaning.

The Money Saving Expert asked: ‘The Ukrainian shirts seem to have a little england flag on it to signify the game. I can’t see the same on the england shirts, anyone know if they do that?’

Sadly, while he had many a helpful follower let him know it was customary for many teams to have their opponent’s flag on the shirts to signify the game – with England having the details instead written under the three lions – Martin shared his dismay at how many responses were rude and abusive.

He wrote: ‘Quite shocked to see today im getting some abuse for this tweet.


‘I genuinely don’t understand about how asking a factual question about whether England shirts are generic or bespoke for each match can be seen as “stirring hate”.

‘If there’s a meaning I’m unaware of Im sorry! (sic)’

That seemed to open the presenter up to further criticism, with another asking why Martin didn’t notice the details on England’s tops, to which he hit back: ‘Because I don’t watch every match, am not the biggest football fan, and hadn’t noticed it! That’s why I asked a question.’

Another mentioned how Martin’s tweet had gained mostly positive responses, as a follower hit out at the suggestion the critics were ‘the majority’.

To this, the star revealed his anxiety at such comments which stuck with him more than the constructive answers he received.

He wrote: ‘They’re not the ones who leave me feeling anxious on a Sunday though. I’m human, probe to anxiety, and get upset at abuse. I’ve acknowledged this many times. (sic)’

Martin also responded to others who questioned the motives behind his message, with one asking why he remained on Twitter despite the abuse.

The TV presenter replied: ‘It’s part of my job and outreach. I should not need to be frightened off doing it by abusive people.’

His Twitter critics have popped their head up not long after Lord Sugar shared he wanted to ‘punch’ Martin in the face, which prompted quite the restrained and rational answer from Martin, if we do say so ourselves.

On Tuesday Lord Sugar sent a tweet in response to Martin’s story about the ‘scary’ moment he and his daughter were followed by a stranger who had started swearing at him in the street.

Sharing a link to a news story about the incident, the host of The Apprentice – who did not tag Martin in the tweet – said: ‘I often discuss with my wife about people faces you would like to punch for no real reason.

‘I know it’s not fair, they maybe perfectly nice people. She has her list of faces. Martin Lewis is one of mine.

‘He is most probably a nice guy. I am sure some people think the same about me. (sic)’

When one of his followers said it was a ‘strange thing to post for everyone to see’, he replied: ‘Show me your face and I will decide if it’s punchable.’

He also named Michael Gove as another ‘face I would like to punch’ but confessed they had ‘never met’.

Martin quote-tweeted the TV star recommending he rethink his post.

‘I don’t understand the point of this tweet or of copying me in,’ he said.

‘If you’re trying to start an argument I’m not biting. It’s unnecessary, and if I may suggest would be best for all if you deleted.’

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