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Martin Lewis has dignified response after Lord Sugar confesses he wants to ‘punch’ him

My Celebrity Life –
The money saving expert has been hosting Good Morning Britain this week (Picture: ITV)


Martin Lewis refused to be drawn into an online row after Lord Sugar named him as a person he would like to ‘punch for no real reason’.

On Tuesday Lord Sugar sent a tweet in response to Martin’s story about the ‘scary’ moment he and his daughter were followed by a stranger who had started swearing at him in the street.

Sharing a link to a news story about the incident, the host of The Apprentice – who did not tag Martin in the tweet – said: ‘I often discuss with my wife about people faces you would like to punch for no real reason.

‘I know it’s not fair, they [sic] maybe perfectly nice people. She has her list of faces. Martin Lewis is one of mine.

‘He is most probably a nice guy. I am sure some people think the same about me.’

When one of his followers said it was a ‘strange thing to post for everyone to see’, he replied: ‘Show me your face and I will decide if it’s punchable.’

He also named Michael Gove as another ‘face I would like to punch’ but confessed they had ‘never met’.

The money saving expert, who has hosted Good Morning Britain for the last three days, quote-tweeted the TV star recommending he rethink his post.

‘I don’t understand the point of this tweet or of copying me in,’ he said.

My Celebrity Life –

Martin suggested Lord Sugar rethink his tweet (Picture: Twitter)

‘If you’re trying to start an argument I’m not biting. It’s unnecessary, and if I may suggest would be best for all if you deleted.’ Lord Sugar’s tweet is, of course, still up.

Martin had described the encounter with the disgruntled viewer, who called him the C-word, as ‘intimidating’ and scary’.

The presenter told co-host Susanna Reid: A man came up to me and he says, “You’re the money guy, aren’t you?” and I said, with a smile “Not today. I’m Daddy.” I’ve got my little girl and she gets very scared when people that we don’t know approach.


My Celebrity Life –

Lord Sugar has a list of people he’d like to deck (Picture: ITV)

‘He says, “Well I just wanna ask you a question” and I said “I’m so sorry I’m on my way to the playground I really can’t do this right now. She gets a little bit intimidated.”

‘He started calling me a name that begins with a C and he followed me down the road shouting at me “You are…” while my three-year-old is on my shoulders. And, “You’re nothing like you are on the telly, you’re all pretend” and walked down the road with me.’

Martin added: ‘I’m normally always happy to do it when people come and talk to me on the street. I always smile and answer a question unless I’m in a rush. I’m always polite but my little girl gets very scared.

‘I will never forget that episode because it made me intimidated. It was scary.’

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