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Marvel confirms Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy is a polyamorous bisexual

Marvel comics have revealed that Star-Lord – aka Peter Quill – from Guardians of the Galaxy is bisexual and polyamorous.

The character’s future had been left in the balance in the graphic novel Guardians of the Galaxy #2 after her appeared to meet a heroic death, but is set to return in Guardians of the Galaxy #9, called I Shall Make You A Star-Lord.

Star-Lord – who is played by Chris Pratt in the film adaptation – turns out not to have died in an explosion as first appeared, but have been shunted to a parallel universe.

The sexuality of the character will be explored in more depth as the story sees him jouney through the 12 Houses of Morinus, the planet on which he was trapped for 140 years.

Star-Lord is accompanied by two companions – Aradia and Mors – who he embarks on a polyamorous relationship with.

He’s initially opposed to the couple’s offer of experiencing their ‘togetherness’ as he still holds out hope of returning home to his love, Gamora, but 12 years down the line, Star-Lord has opened up to the relationship.

The movie version of the character is portrayed as a ladies’ man (Picture: Marvel Studios 2017)

The polyamorous relationship with the similarly nomadic pair is shown in an extract from the comic book, in which the trip bathe together at a ceremonial temple.

Star-Lord can been seen telling Aradia and Mors: ‘You’re my home,’ as the three unite together in an embrace, with their relationship lasting for over 100 years.

The character has adapted over the years, since its creation in the 19070s, and is portrayed as a ladies’ man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Star-Lord is played by Chris Pratt.

The graphic novels will delve more into the mysterious origins of the character as well as exploring his sexuality and adding more details to his life.


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