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Meryl Streep ‘completely lost it’ during first scene of new movie Don’t Look Up after being in quarantine

Meryl Streep has confessed she ‘completely lost it’ while filming her first scene for new Netflix movie Don’t Look Up.

The Oscar-winning actress, 71, is set to star in the film alongside a stellar cast, including the likes of Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothée Chalamet and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Filming is currently underway in Boston and Meryl revealed she stepped on set to film her first scene on Friday. However, she teased things didn’t go so well, after spending two weeks isolating by herself in quarantine.

Ahead of production, stars are forced to adhere to strict protocols to ensure safety on set amid the coronavirus pandemic, with Meryl revealing during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: ‘We had our first scene on Friday and I was so bad.

‘I realised I’ve been in this quarantine because they have to be very careful and I’m totally alone.’

Meryl, who plays the president of the United States in the movie, continued: ‘My first scene was entering a stadium full of 20,000 people as the president, my big face on the jumbotron in front of me and I just like completely lost it.

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Meryl says she ‘couldn’t remember anything’ on set (Picture: The Late Show)

‘I couldn’t remember anything,’ Meryl, who is also set to star in upcoming movie The Prom, confessed.

Things are a little strange on set too, with the number of extras reduced and scene set-ups modified.

Asked what it’s like filming during the pandemic, Meryl said: ‘It was not normal at all. First of all, there weren’t 20,000 people, obviously. They’ll duplicate them in…

‘There were extras all around the stadium – lonely people separated by 20 feet of air, wearing masks and visors that are clear.’

‘The whole thing is so eerie and odd and disconcerting,’ the star said.

‘We, of course, all have masks that at the last minute we take off and your lipstick is all up here. It’s hilarious, and they’re all great, but my god, I have to pull myself together for Monday.’

Don’t Look Up has been described as an American political satire disaster film which centres on a global catastrophe.

The movie follows two astronomers who set off on a media tour to warn the world of an approaching asteroid that will destroy Earth and is expected to be released in 2021.

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