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Miley Cyrus feared she would die at 27 and says reaching that age inspired her to ‘get sober’

Miley Cyrus feared she would die at 27 (Picture: FilmMagic)

Miley Cyrus has revealed she was inspired to get sober by a fear that she would die at 27.

The Wrecking Ball hit-maker, 28, opened up about her past ‘experimentation with drugs and alcohol’ in a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s New Music Daily and she explained how she felt the need to ‘really protect’ herself on turning 27.

Addressing the ’27 Club’, that refers to a number of famous artists that died at that age, including the likes of Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, Miley said it inspired her to get herself back on track.

The singer, who recently released new track Prisoner with Dua Lipa, explained: ’27 to me was a year that I really had to protect myself. That actually really made me want to get sober because we’ve lost so many icons at 27.’

‘It’s a very pivotal time,’ she said. ‘You go into that next chapter or this is it for you.’

Miley was seen celebrating that she was six-months sober in June, but she admitted that since then during the coronavirus pandemic, she has ‘fallen off the wagon’.

She told Zane: ‘I, like a lot people, being completely honest, during the pandemic, I fell off… and I realised that I now am back on sobriety – two weeks sober – and I feel like I really accepted that time.

‘One of the things I’ve used is, “don’t get furious, get curious,” so don’t be mad at yourself, but ask yourself, “What happened?”

‘To me it was a f**k up because I’m not a moderation person and I don’t think that everyone has to be f**king sober.’

Miley admitted she ‘fell off the wagon’ during the pandemic (Picture: Getty)

‘I think everyone has to do what is best for them,’ she offered.

Miley had vowed to get sober in preparation for vocal surgery she had in November last year and said it was important for her to do because she wanted to ‘polish up my craft’ and a ‘sober lifestyle’ was important for her to do so.

Speaking on The Big Ticket podcast, Miley confessed she was worried people would think she was ‘no fun’ while sober, but she raved about the benefits.

‘The things that I love about it is waking up 100 percent, 100 percent of the time,’ she said. ‘I don’t want to wake up feeling groggy. I want to wake up feeling ready.’


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