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Molly-Mae Hague reveals she’s still ‘traumatised’ after being rejected by modelling scout

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed she is ‘still traumatised’ to this day, after being rejected by a modelling scout when she was a teenager.

The Love Island star, 21, was asked for her ‘tips’ when it comes to being a model in an Instagram Q&A and she recalled being scouted while on the train by a modelling agency, before then being brutally rejected.

Molly revealed that she had always wanted to be a model when she was younger, but was completely put off after her awkward experience that highlighted to her just how ‘harsh’ and ‘cut-throat’ the modelling industry can be.

Filling in her followers, Molly said in a video shared to her story: ‘I definitely don’t do modelling, but I have the funniest story that happened to me when I was younger. It’s not funny, actually it still traumatises me to this day.

‘Basically, I was on the train and I got scouted – so embarrassing – this woman from this modelling agency, she scouted me. She was like, “Please can you come in tomorrow for a meeting and we’ll potentially sign you,” I was absolutely buzzing. I definitely wanted to be a model when I was younger, not anymore. So I went into London, cancelled work for the day, and went for a meeting with this woman.’

Molly then revealed how she was immediately shot down, within minutes of the meeting – all because the woman didn’t like her legs.

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Molly recalled being scouted on a train as a teen (Picture: Instagram)

She continued: ‘She got me to stand up in front of her and some other people and do like a little twirl in like all black clothing and no make-up. She literally took one look at me and was like, “Yeah, no. Sorry, I made a mistake, you’re not the right shape to be a model,” and I literally was traumatised.

‘I was trying to be all polite – but if it happened now, oh it would be a different story – I was like, “Can you give me constructive criticism? What wasn’t right about me?” And she was like, “You looked different on the train, your legs look different.” Honestly, it was awful.’

Molly said: ‘I just had to tell that story because whenever anyone talks about modelling, I just think of that day off work, getting on the train and being so excited, and that woman just shutting me down like that.


‘It was so, so, so bad and if anyone watching this has ever had that happen before, screw that person. The modelling industry is so harsh and so cut-throat, yeah not nice.’

Molly did, however, add that she takes her ‘hat off’ to models, captioning her videos: ‘Hats off to models, though. I do kind of model but in a different way. Also getting scouted isn’t embarrassing lol just talking about this story is.’

It comes as the reality star has made a series of revelations on social media lately, including that she now ‘feels sick’ when she sees old pictures of her with lots of lip filler.

She made the decision to have the filler in her lip dissolved and now preferring her natural look, Molly revealed: ‘I don’t like to even look at these pics, makes me sick that I did that to myself. ‘We live and we learn!’

Molly shot to fame on Love Island 2019, where she met and fell in love with boyfriend Tommy Fury. They finished in second place on the dating series, behind series winners (and now exes) Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea.


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