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Nile Rodgers has 11 TVs switched on ’24 hours a day’ at home for white noise

Niles’ 11 TVs are set to the same volume level as a Concorde jet, apparently (Picture: Getty)

Nile Rodgers has revealed he has 11 televisions switched on ‘24 hours a day’ at home to create white noise and help him focus… and we’re just thinking about his electricity bill.

The Chic legend explained that he needs a ‘distraction’ when writing songs and claimed he wouldn’t ‘function’ without having the TV sets on in the background.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, the musician revealed, perhaps unsurprisingly, that his cable company says he has ‘the most TVs in one house – it’s 11 right now – of anyone they’ve ever known’.

The Le Freak hitmaker revealed that even when he’s sleeping, he still has his television volume at the same decibel level as a Concorde jet (hopefully not a Concorde taking off as that can be, quite literally, eardrum-rupturing).

The 68-year-old said: ‘My head never hits the pillow at a set time as I’ll always be trying to clear tomorrow’s email backlog today while the bedroom TV is on and set to the same decibel level as Concorde.

‘I always fall asleep with the TV on, only to wake the next morning when I just laugh and think to myself: ‘Jesus, how the hell did I sleep through that?’’

Nile has the most TVs in one house his cable company has dealt with (Picture: Kevin Kane/Getty Images for The Rainforest Fund)

Let’s hope his neighbours are understanding – or very, very far away.

Nile also spoke about how important music still is to him.

‘Music is at the heart of everything I do and it never leaves my day. I think in music, not words, and I have this hyperactive music machine for a brain, which is a blessing and curse.

‘It’s always composing, but don’t get me wrong: it’s not always good stuff. Most of it is ridiculous stuff but, boy, does it have me interested.’

He also revealed that he still practises the guitar, even after a career spanning almost 50 years, and that this hobby (as he calls it) is the closest his day gets to a ‘wind down’.

Nile says he still has to practise the guitar (Picture: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

This tactic has clearly helped keep Nile at the top of his game, judging from his collaborations with the likes of Madonna, David Bowie, Daft Punk and Dua Lipa.

At the end of last year Nile lost his mother, Beverly Goodman, after a 14-year battle with Alzheimer’s. Beverly gave birth to Nile when she was 13.

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