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Offset defends Cardi B’s controversial hit WAP after Snoop Dogg criticises track

Offset has won himself some serious brownie points with wife Cardi B after jumping to the defence of her controversial hit WAP.

Cardi joined forces with Megan Thee Stallion on the track that was released earlier this year, with WAP (which stands for ‘wet ass p*ssy’) causing up a stink as it stormed the charts.

While some loved the track, stating it embodied female empowerment, others suggested it was too sexually explicit.

One of those being Snoop Dogg, who questioned whether WAP sends out the right message to young girls.

However, Cardi’s on/off husband Offset hit back at his fellow rapper and claimed that males should be ‘uplifting women’ and not having a say on what they can and cannot do.

Speaking to TMZ, Offset said: ‘I don’t get in a female’s business, so I’m just gonna say I hate when men do that. As rappers we talk about the same sh*t. Men can’t speak on women, they’re too powerful first off.

Offset argued male rappers should be ‘uplifting our women'(Picture: Invision)

‘It’s a lot of women empowerment, like don’t shoot it down. We never had this many female artists running this sh*t, they catching up to like, like passing us and setting records,’ he continued.

‘That’s two women on one record, that’s a very successful record.’

Offset said: ‘We should uplift our women, and don’t say what they can or can’t do. You know how long women have been told they can’t do something or they shouldn’t do this or they been blackballed out of entertainment?’

His comments came after Snoop was seen discussing Cardi’s track WAP in an interview with Central Avenue. He was asked his thoughts on the collaboration, with the star claiming Cardi should be more private when it comes to all things WAP.

‘Like slow down and have some imagination,’ he says in the interview. ‘Let’s have some privacy, some intimacy, where he wants to find out as opposed to you telling him.’

Snoop said: ‘That’s your pride and possession, that’s your jewel of the Nile, that’s what you should hold on to. That should be a possession that no-one gets to know about until they know about it.’

Snoop has concerns over Cardi’s track WAP (Picture: Rex)

Suggesting that now he’s older he’s concerned that WAP might be giving out the wrong message to young girls, Snoop continued: ‘When I was young – 21 or 22- I may have been with the movement. I probably would have been on a remix.

‘As an older man, it’s like I love that they’re expressing [themselves], they doing their thing. But I don’t want it that fashionable where young girls feel like they can express themselves like that, without knowing that it’s a jewel that they hold on to until the right person comes around.’

Despite the furore surrounding the song, Cardi B and Megan found themselves storming to the top of the music charts, as WAP debuted at number one in the UK and on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US.

It became Cardi’s fourth number one single in the US, making her the female rapper with the most number one singles in the Hot 100 chart’s history.


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