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Paloma Faith candidly opens up on being pregnant in public eye: ‘I do think I feel quite vulnerable’

Paloma Faith has opened up about her second pregnancy (Picture: Channel 4 / Sunday Brunch)

Superstar Paloma Faith opened up on being pregnant in the public eye, saying she feels ‘vulnerable’ – but decided to be open about her second pregnancy in order to ‘burst the bubble’.

Paloma, 39, welcomed her first child with her long-term boyfriend, the French artist Leyman Lahcine, in December 2016 although they initially decided not to reveal the child’s gender in a bid to maintain their privacy.

In September this year, the London-born singer – who recently released her fifth studio album titled Infinite Things – announced she was pregnant once again after a ‘struggle’ involving six rounds of IVF treatment.

She explained she went public to help dispel myths around pregnancy.

Speaking to PA News Agency this week, the star said: ‘I do think I feel quite vulnerable being pregnant in the public eye. I don’t feel like I have a huge amount of choice in the matter because it sort of happens when it happens. But I feel like it is something I need to embrace rather than hide from.

‘The first time I did it I hid away from the public eye and this time I have made a conscious effort to just say: “This is what is happening and this is what it looks like and feels like”. I’m not sugar coating and I am quite honest about the aches and pains and all of that.

The star still has a busy workload (Picture: Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/REX)

‘I feel like when women have kids, especially women who are successful in their work, they expect themselves or they are expected to almost deny or dumb down what they have done in order to be aligned with their male counterparts.

‘The reality is it is really difficult and it is physically so demanding to do that and then work at the same time. I have decided as a little project to use myself as an example and burst the bubble.’

On top of recording her album, Faith has also been filming the second season of DC Comics’ Pennyworth where she plays the villainous Bet Sykes.

Addressing the workload, she said: ‘I guess it is a post-feminist generation who felt obliged to pretend they were almost masculine, so they were still feeding into a patriarchal construct of how they would work.

‘I’m trying to do the opposite of that because I think mothers become very efficient because they are juggling all of these things at the same time. And they are not often acknowledged for it.’

She quipped: ‘The best way I can describe it to a male is that it is a little bit like when you have a really bad hangover and you feel like you are going to die and nobody gives you any sympathy because it was your choice. It’s sort of like that.’

During a playback of her stunning new album, the Only Love Can Hurt Like This singer explained letting go of the workload isn’t as easy as it may look to others.

The singer said: ‘I don’t know, I sort of go “I want to do it” in my head and then figure the rest out later.

‘When I look back on it I just think it is mad. I’ve been quite open about the fact that I am high-risk pregnancy but I started to realise that I’m high-risk pregnancy because I can’t sit down.’

She continued of her work ethic: ‘It’s sort of a self-imposed high-risk pregnancy because I had a premature baby last time and it was because I did too much work and now I’m doing the same again.

‘I don’t really know how not to do it.’

Infinite Things by Paloma Faith is out now.


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