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Peppa Pig wants a collab with Lady Gaga and who are we to argue?

The Peppa Pig Twitter account appears to have offered a collaboration to Lady Gaga in a strange tweet promising something at the end of the month.

The music industry is no stranger to an unlikely collaboration. JayZ and Linkin Park, Slash and Fergie, Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes. Even just last month David Hasselhoff appeared in a heavy metal song with duo-act CueStack.

You never know who in the music industry might be willing to make strange and unlikely magic happen. We may be on the brink of something truly bizarre though.

The Peppa Pig Twitter account has mentioned Lady Gaga in a tweet, asking to borrow her golden microphone.

This is in reference to Lady Gaga’s appearance at the inauguration of Joe Biden. The pop star sang the US national anthem during the ceremony, belting it into a golden microphone.

The tweet mentioned Lady Gaga’s handle and said: ‘Peppa needs to borrow your golden microphone.’ The tweet then promised something on January 29.


Now, let’s be real, the chances of this turning out to be a real collaboration are probably slim.

We are most likely in for a musical treat from Peppa, with the account just referencing the inauguration. However, you never know.

It would not be the cartoon character’s first brush with fame.

In fact, Peppa has some celebrity drama like any good showbiz star. Late last year, Cardi B threatened Peppa on Twitter, saying she should count her days for teaching her daughter to jump into puddles.

Another possibility is the rescheduling of Peppa Pig’s tour. The Peppa Pig: Best Day Ever tour, as well as another show called My First Concert, were meant to run last year, but had to be cancelled in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We will just have to wait to see what Peppa has in store for us.


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