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Peter Andre thanks ‘legend’ wife Emily MacDonagh as he recovers from coronavirus after shock diagnosis

Peter Andre has thanked his wife Emily MacDonagh for being a ‘legend’ while he recovers from coronavirus.

A rep for the Mysterious Girl hit-maker, 47, had tested positive for Covid-19, after reports claimed Peter had been ‘feeling weak and struggling to breathe’.

He has since opened up about his diagnosis on social media, while he isolates at home, and Peter was seen praising wife Emily, 31, for being there for him over the last few days when he hasn’t been feeling well.

Sharing a series of photos of his wife, alongside funny memes he created using pictures of Bill Murray and Kim Jong-un to tell her she ‘rocked’, Peter wrote: ‘Thanks for being a bit of a legend the last few days @dr_emily_official.’

He joked: ‘Even Bill Murray and Kim J think your great.’

His post followed a vlog Peter had shared to his YouTube channel, where he described his symptoms for fans and revealed how he is coping after coming down with the virus.

Peter explained that while he had showed symptoms, he was convinced he didn’t have coronavirus, with wife Emily admitting she was ‘absolutely shocked’ to hear the singer had tested positive.

‘I got some sort of symptoms yesterday and last night I was incredibly achey. I don’t think I’ve got it, but because I’ve got a cough and the body aches [I’m getting tested]… Theo hasn’t been well, so I think I caught a virus off him. Theo had a rash and he had a sore throat, it just could be a virus. He didn’t have a temperature at all, we’ll see what happens,’ Peter said ahead of being tested.

He revealed he’d been in ‘agony’ with body aches and while he suffered from a cough, Peter said he hadn’t had a temperature.

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Peter was convinced he wouldn’t test positive (Picture: YouTube)

After testing positive, Peter warned: ‘I have tested positive and I’m actually quite surprised because I didn’t think I had all the symptoms, it just goes to show it could be anything.’

Revealing his experience of coronavirus ‘hasn’t been pleasant’, he continued: ‘I’ve still got the aches, I’ve got like this full congestion thing but without having a cold. My nose is clear but I feel congested and my mouth sort of tastes a bit metallic… Theo wasn’t well and now I question whether he had this and passed it on me.’

Emily also appeared in the video and seemed confused over how Peter had contracted Covid-19.

The junior doctor, who has been working for the NHS throughout the pandemic and previously came down with coronavirus herself, said: ‘The weird bit about this is he actually hasn’t gone anywhere, he’s the most careful person I know.

‘When it came back positive, I was absolutely shocked. He just stayed at home, it’s so weird, we don’t really know where he’s got it from. Luckily, he’s pretty well… just a bit under the weather.’


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