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Piers Morgan ends bitter feud with Lord Alan Sugar after war of words: ‘I began to miss the old goat’

Piers and Lord Alan will be clinking gin glasses again in no time (Picture: BBC/ITV)

Piers Morgan has made the surprise announcement that his feud with Lord Alan Sugar is over. 

The two stars had a sensational falling out last year after Piers criticised the Government’s handling of the pandemic on Good Morning Britain. Lord Alan took issue with the presenter’s comments and called him on Twitter, leading to a huge rift between the formerly good friends.

However, the ice finally thawed last week as the pair reconnected for the first time in over a year – 20 months to be exact.

In his new Daily Mail column, Piers, 56, explained how he ‘began to miss the old goat’ as the pandemic continued and holidays to St Tropez with their families.

‘I’ve even missed Sugar as a human being,’ Piers stated.

He wrote: ‘Beneath his gnarly, blunt and often breathtakingly rude exterior, he’s got a good heart,’ recalling how the Apprentice star sent an ‘incredibly kind letter’ when his father had a stroke.

Piers admitted they’re ‘more similar than either of [them] would ever care to admit’ and felt it was ‘two-faced’ of him to cut Lord Alan off for disagreeing with him.

Over a coffee, Lord Alan’s spokesperson Andrew Bloch suggested a reconciliation to Piers, who soon received an email from his foe.

Sharing his response to the message, Piers wrote: ‘“I’ll be honest”, I replied, “I thought you went OTT with the abuse, which got way too personal, obsessive and nasty. I was only doing my job of holding the Govt to fierce account for the appalling way they handled the pandemic which cost many thousands of lives.

‘“But I’ve almost missed you, and I’ve definitely missed Lady Ann, so let’s put it behind us and bury the hatchet. Just let me know which part of your skull you’d like me to bury it in”.’

He continued: ‘In this ever more toxic world in which everyone seems to be falling out with everyone about everything, I’m glad we’ve resolved things.

Lord Alan previously took issue with Piers’ criticism of the Government (Picture: BBC)

‘As this pandemic has surely taught us, life really is too short and fragile for petty feuds, especially with family or old friends.’

Their feud erupted in May 2020 when Piers announced he had banned cabinet ministers from appearing on GMB.

Lord Alan, 74, tweeted: ‘What minister in their right mind would want to go on @gmb to be abused and bullied by @piersmorgan.’

He also told The Sun: ‘It’s terrible reporting, I’m sick and tired of him, he’s doing it for his own profile.’

Piers later addressed their feud in an interview with The Sunday Times, and said: ‘It’s gone way beyond a joke, and for me it’s ruined our friendship.

‘I think we’re done as friends. I can’t see through the behaviour.’

Lord Alan later said he refused to bury the hatchet with Piers as he felt he’d ‘gone mad’.


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