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Real Housewives’ Kelly Dodd and husband Rick Levanthal slammed over ‘insensitive’ Alec Baldwin gun Halloween costume

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Kelly and Rick’s costumes were said to be in ‘poor taste’ (Pictures: Instagram @rickleventhal, Instagram)

Reality star Kelly Dodd and her husband Rick Levanthal have come under fire for their Halloween costumes relating to the Alec Baldwin shooting.

Kelly, who is best known for starring in The Real Housewives of Orange County, dressed as a Native American, while her husband Rick wore a cowboy costume and said he was Baldwin on set of the western movie Rust, where a fatal shooting took place last month.

Baldwin accidentally shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza on set of Rust on October 21.

In the photo which was shared to Rick’s Instagram, the couple are both seen posing with guns.

Rick wrote in the caption: ‘Kelly celebrated her Native American heritage & I celebrated the great American film actor Alec Baldwin #happyhalloween🎃.’

However, his followers accused them of mocking the tragic shooting in which Hutchins died, particularly with them posing with guns.

One commented: ‘Sorry but bad taste. Come on someone lost their life.’

My Celebrity Life –
Rick said he was ‘celebrating the great American actor Alec Baldwin’ (Picture: @rickleventhal, Instagram)
My Celebrity Life –
Kelly was dressed as a Native American (Picture: @rickleventhal, Instagram)

Another said: ‘I am a conservative and usually support you and Kelly but this is poor taste… I’m sure you wouldn’t be dressing up like that if it were your daughter that had been shot.. Grow up.’

One critic wrote: ‘Poor taste and judgement,’ while another branded the photo ‘sick’.

Expressing their disgust ove the costume, one added: ‘So disappointed in the Alex Baldwin comment. It was not his fault and a family lost their mother and wife. So disrespectful.’

Neither Rick or Kelly have addressed the backlash.

Baldwin, 63, is said to have been unaware there was a live round in the gun which was used as he rehearsed a scene on the Sante Fe, New Mexico set.

Fresh details about the incident have emerged from the Los Angeles Times, which spoke with 14 crew members about what happened in Hutchins’ final moments.

According to the paper, Hutchins told a boom operator: ‘Oh, that was no good. No, that was no good. That was no good at all.’

Hours later, she was pronounced dead.

It was revealed that the fatal shooting happened as Baldwin had been preparing for a shootout scene which was taking place inside a church.

The actor and the crew were attempting to get their angles right as the 30 Rock star held a .45-caliber Colt revolver, the newspaper reported.

‘So, I guess I’m gonna take this out, pull it and go, “Bang!”, the actor reportedly stated before the accident happened.

According to reports, the prop gun was supposed to be loaded with dummy rounds and the actor had been told it was a ‘cold gun’.

Santa Fe police and prosecutors are currently conducting an investigation and said last week that all cards are on the table with regard to any criminal proceedings.


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