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Relationship guru Derrick Jaxn admits to cheating on his wife: ‘Not in alignment with the vows I took’

Derrick was joined by his wife Da’Naia in the video (Picture: YouTube)

Relationship guru Derrick Jaxn has admitted to cheating on his wife of four years.

The self-proclaimed relationship expert has amassed a following of 750,000 on YouTube and 1.3million on Instagram, where he shares advice and promotes healthy relationships.

After a woman claimed in an interview that she had an affair with Jaxn, the vlogger posted a video titled ‘Did I Cheat In My Marriage? #TheTruth’, in which he confessed to having sex with other women.

In the video, which saw Jaxn holding hands with his wife Da’Naia, he said: ‘This chapter of our marriage is one that was preceded by a marriage that I completely failed.

‘The truth is, and I’m saying it here now, is that Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage. And by involved, I want to be clear, I’m not talking about just casually kicking it, maybe having lunch or something like that.

‘I’m talking about as serious as sex, to sexual flirtation and meeting up and that kind of thing, and some things that otherwise may be considered by some, in terms of just chatting or checking on people or being checked on by people that I’ve had a previous encounter with, but without my wife’s knowledge of it and with us having a sexual history, all of it falls under the umbrella of inappropriate, cheating, affairs, stepping out.

‘Definitely not in alignment with the vows that I took and definitely not in the line with the biblical standard of what it means to be faithful.’

The 31-year-old claimed that he has now given his wife a ‘roll-call list’ of every woman he has been involved with, and said he does not ‘stand by those actions’.

He said that he understood if followers felt they could no longer listen to his relationship advice, but thanked anybody who still wanted to support him.

Getting her chance to tell her side of the story, Da’Naia, who has two children with her husband, said: ‘There is no justification for bringing other women into our marriage, on any level, it was unacceptable and it’s not something that I tolerate or we tolerate moving forward.’

She explained that when she found out Jaxn had cheated she left him, saying: ‘I stayed gone and stood firm on “I am not coming back”. I did not come back until I saw a shift and a change in his mentality.

‘I forgave him and most importantly, God has forgiven him, and I have forgiven the others as well.’

In a live chat shared later, Da’Naia said that she filed for divorce but they are now back together and living in the same home with their kids.

Jaxn also admitted that prior to them rekindling an on-off relationship in 2016, their romance had ended with cheating on his part.

Jaxn’s video has been criticised online due to his reference to himself in the third person, as well as Da’Naia joining him for the video.



Speculation about Jaxn’s marriage began earlier this month when a woman named Candice De Medeiros alleged to blogger Tasha K that she had an affair with him.

De Medeiros claimed that she visited his home and took a trip to Miami with the vlogger in June, and claimed that Jaxn told her that he had separated from his wife.

Prior to his ‘The Truth’ video, Jaxn uploaded a separate solo video, in which he claimed that he had been separated from Da’Naia during his apparent affairs.

Saying they split in February 2020, he said: ‘June, we talking about my birthday. She basically lets me know there’s no plan for her to be around on my birthday, OK. Now I’m in screw-it mode, F-it mode. I’m hitting up old chicks.

‘I really don’t care at this point. I don’t’ care about my reputation. I don’t care about the business. I don’t care about any of that.’

Jaxn has made a name for himself off his relationship guidance videos and had also written a number of books – including one called A Cheating Man’s Heart.

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