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Ricky Gervais left ‘lying on the floor like a sad, fat turtle’ after injuring his back while tying his shoe

Ricky Gervais was left in ‘agony’ after injuring his back while tying his shoe.

The comedian needed his partner Jane Fallon to help him get dressed after his back went out following a run over the weekend.

The 60-year-old filled his fans in on his plight during a Twitter live-stream, explaining he was ‘in a bad way’.

Ricky said: ‘Went for a run at four, tied my shoe up and my back went, agony. Couldn’t walk, took me ages, I had only made it to the end of the street.

‘It’s that thing when you are in agony and you can’t walk but you don’t want to look weird to anyone. I wanted to lie down and scream, “Get me a f***ing ambulance”.

‘I made it back, laid on the floor, took some naproxen which we have always got because the last time my back went, or toothache, that helped me relax it.

‘It gets to five, I think, I’ve got to do the b*****ks gag. Still in agony, still sweating, I’m still in my workout gear.


‘Jane helps me get undressed, get into the shower, then getting dressed. Even with two of us, getting dressed was a bit of a chore.’

The Office star continued: ‘This is why I know I’ll end up in a f***ing bucket one day.

‘I’ve got tennis booked tomorrow, that’s got to be f***ing cancelled. Thank f*** I haven’t got a gig.

‘Next tour after this one I’m doing it sitting down. I’m changing the genre, it’s not stand up, it’s f***ing sit down.’

Ricky later updated his Twitter followers on his condition, and it seems things haven’t got any better for the actor.

The After Life star tweeted: ‘Bad Back Update: Lying on the floor, with a hot water bottle tucked in a weightlifting belt, like a sad, fat turtle, watching the gymnastics on TV. Pathetic.’

Fans wished the star well in the replies, as well as offering ideas for pain relief and stretches.

While his injury has left him out of action for a few days, Ricky has remained active on Twitter, sharing praise for the second series of Netflix’s After Life, which he wrote and stars in.

After Life has been lauded by fans for its portrayal of grief and has received a third series, but Ricky reckons one of his other famous hits wouldn’t be received as positively were it made today.

Speaking to the BBC about The Office, in which he played David Brent, he said: ‘I mean now it would be cancelled. I’m looking forward to when they pick out one thing and try to cancel it.

‘Someone said they might try to cancel it one day, and I say, “Good, let them cancel it. I’ve been paid!”’

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