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Rupert Grint admits filming eight Harry Potter movies over 10 years ‘felt quite suffocating’ and he still can’t watch them

Rupert Grint may be best known for bringing Ron Weasley to life on the big screen, but he admits dedicating 10 years of his life to the Harry Potter movies ‘felt quite suffocating’ at times.

The actor, 32, was 11 years old when he was cast in the first movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that was later released in 2001.

Rupert, alongside leading stars Daniel Radcliffe (who played Harry Potter) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) then went on to star in seven more movies dedicated to J.K Rowling’s much-loved book series – with the final film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 hitting cinemas a decade later in 2011.

‘There was a time where it felt quite suffocating, because it was heavy going, because it was every day for 10 years in the end,’ Rupert revealed while appearing on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast.

‘It’s a long time, movies take a year to shoot, [but] it was a great experience.’

He continued: ‘[It was] such a nice kind of family atmosphere. It was always the same crew we kind of grew up with, so it was a great place to be, but sometimes it definitely felt like I want to do something else. See what else is out there.’

My Celebrity Life –
Rupert worked on the Harry Potter movies for 10 years (Picture: Warner Bros)

Rupert explained that when he first signed up for the Harry Potter movies, only two films had been in the pipeline.

‘When we first started only maybe three or four books were out and there was originally only going to be two movies. It just never ended,’ he said. ‘

Every year you came back and it was kind of like Groundhog Day because it was the same sets, the same people – but it was great I loved it.’

My Celebrity Life –
The actor said being on set was a ‘great experience’ (Picture: Warner Bros)

Reflecting on the fact that it’s been 20 years since the first film was released, Rupert says time away from the movies has given him a whole new appreciation for them – even if he doesn’t watch them.

Rupert – who is now a dad to a daughter he shares with long-term girlfriend Georgia Groome – said: ‘I’ve got a very different perspective of it now that time has passed. I can appreciate what a thing it was.

‘Now I’ve got a kid, that’s going to be a whole new era, [but] I don’t really watch them… it still feels too soon. I can’t face it.’

‘It wasn’t like it was a bad experience,’ Rupert said of his reasons for not watching himself back as Ron, as he explained: ‘It made me feel really conscious of my face… I like being in the moment, creating it and then leaving it.’

Since starring in Harry Potter, Rupert has gone on to appear in TV series Sick Note and Snatch and his last film appearance was in 2015 French comedy Moonwalkers.

Rupert is currently starring in Apple TV+ series Servant as Julian Pearce.

The psychological horror follows a couple from Philadelphia, who hire a nanny to take care of their baby – a reborn doll – six weeks after the death of their 13-week-old son.

The second series of Servant dropped on Apple TV in January.

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