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Scarlett Moffatt has abnormal cells removed after smear test procedure: ‘There’s nothing to be scared of’

Scarlett Moffatt has detailed the ‘simple’ procedure she had to remove abnormal cells from her cervix, while urging other women to get their smear tests booked in. 

The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star shared a motivational video after having the Lletz treatment, which uses an electric loop wire to remove any pre-cancerous cells.

In the video, Scarlett revealed she’s had abnormalities for ‘a few years now’ but admits the procedure was easier than expected.

‘They can be easily treated if they’re caught quickly but if they’re not and you leave your smear tests, then it can be devastating and can literally be life or death,’ Scarlett said in the lengthy Instagram video.

‘I know that sounds really horrific and I’m not saying that to scare you, I’m saying that to show you how this tiny procedure, which lasts no longer than five to 10 minutes – normally five minutes – can literally save your life.

‘I went for my cervical screening and it had abnormalities. I’ve had abnormalities for a few years now and then it wasn’t getting better. It wasn’t healing on its own. So an amazing nurse called Rachel who I’ve seen from the beginning said to me, I think it’s best that you get some treatment on this,’ she revealed.

Scarlett admitted that she is ‘quite an anxious person’ and was concerned that she couldn’t find enough information about the procedure online.

Explaining what the treatment entails, the TV presenter continued: ‘You can be given an anaesthetic but due to the Covid situation and you’d have to self-isolate, I went for the local anaesthetic which they administer into your cervix.

‘This sounds so scary and I’m not going to lie to you, because it was the unknown and I hadn’t heard anyone talk about this, I was so nervous. I cried, cried some more, literally cried so much. Scott was like, you can do this, it’s really important, so I braved up and the nurse said I could have gas and air to take the edge off it.’

Recalling some light-hearted moments during the procedure, Scarlett revealed: ‘It’s funny because when I did the gas and air I actually sounded like Barry Manilow, my voice went so deep.

‘For some reason I was talking about Holly and Phil while the doctor was down there doing her thing.’

Offering some encouragement for other women, Scarlett said: ‘It’s such a simple procedure that is maybe heightened in our own minds because it’s such a sensitive and personal area but honestly, doctors and nurses see those bits all the time. It’s so important that if they say there’s a treatment that can help prevent cancer, you take it.

‘Just make a joke of it, I know even saying it sounds so daunting but it’s really not, it’s just another thing to do at the hospital.

‘I really worked myself up about it and I wish I hadn’t. I wish I’d seen a video like this so I knew there was actually nothing to be scared of.

‘It’s weird because you sort of fear the unknown. They took a biopsy, took all the abnormal cells out so fingers crossed all comes back well with that.’

The procedure has so far left Scarlett, 30, with period cramps and ‘a little discomfort’ and she encouraged her followers to ask her if they have any questions.

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