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Scott Thomas says fans have reached out after speaking about gambling issue on podcast with brothers Ryan and Adam

Scott Thomas has revealed that fans have thanked him for speaking out about his past issues with gambling after he revealed the story for the first time on his podcast with brothers Ryan and Adam.

The trio, who host Mancs On The Mic together, have found their honest conversations with each other have had a further reaching impact than they expected.

Scott revealed on a recent edition that he had struggled with gambling when he was at university, before eventually seeking help to beat the addiction.

He revealed to ‘It’s crazy, there’s one episode where I talk about gambling, when I gambled when I was about 19 or 20, maybe 21.

‘I’ve got people asking me to go on a gambling [addiction] podcast and saying “You really helped me, I can’t believe you went through that”.

‘I’m like, wow, I forgot because it was so long ago. And it’s a problem that’s in the past for me but just by me talking about that now, it’s helped so many people.

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The brothers have opened up about things they’ve never spoken about before (Picture: ITV/REX)

‘I’d never even thought that would come from this podcast, but I think, especially myself this year, I’ve been very honest on my journey along the way.

‘And I feel like using your platform, to be honest and real, really does help and resonate with a lot of people.’

Adam added: ‘We didn’t actually know what we’re doing when we’re doing it, we just said “Oh, it’s a podcast, let’s just talk,” and then by talking, you’re actually opening up to people that are going through similar situations.

‘This gambling confession has opened doors for people to be able to go reach out to Scott and go “What did you go through and how did you do it?” They are the benefits that we never realised were happened at the time when we did this podcast.’

The trio might be thick as thieves now, but they revealed that growing up, they didn’t always get on as well as they do now – which definitely meant they had some funny stories to reminisce on.

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New episodes of Mancs On The Mic drop every Wednesday (Picture: Mancs On The Mic)

Ryan joked: ‘I spoke to my mum on the phone last night and I didn’t realise my mum has been affected by this the most because she said “I never knew all these things about you! I can’t believe all these secrets I never knew. I basically didn’t know you growing up, all the things you were doing!”’

Getting together on a regular basis to chat for an hour or two has also had the added benefit that Ryan, Scott and Adam are always there for each other to talk about whatever they are going through with each other.

Adam explained: ‘Scott and Ryan, they’ll just call me on a regular basis and check in and just say, you know, “How are you doing,” or “How are you feeling?” And it’s not very often that people ask you that.

‘It’s nice that we have got that unit there to fall back on and have that support when we need it. And it is tough, especially over the last couple of weeks with our dad passing and everything, it’s been tough for all three of us.

‘We’ve all dealt with it in our own different ways but we’re all going through the same thing and we’re all feeling hurt but it’s nice that we’ve got each other and we’re not alone, and we can talk so it’s been nice to have my brother’s there, definitely.’

Mancs On The Mic is a Global podcast with episodes available every Wednesday.


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