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Shirley Ballas dropped to a size 6 when she joined Strictly but it ‘wasn’t maintainable’ despite ‘restricted’ eating

Shirley Ballas opened up about ‘restricting’ her diet as a dancer (Picture: woman&home/Dan Kennedy)

Shirley Ballas has revealed she is used to ‘restricting’ her diet as a professional dancer, but it ‘wasn’t maintainable’ to remain a size six.

The latin champion and Strictly Come Dancing’s head judge opened up about her weight in a new interview with Woman&Home magazine, revealing she counts calories and does intermittent fasting to maintain her figure.

She explained: ‘Restriction is a habit from years of being under scrutiny as a professional dancer. I do intermittent fasting and every morsel I put in my mouth, I’m counting the calories.

‘Even so, I’m struggling to lose weight, which I think is down to hormones. My mum only weighs eight stone and weighs herself every morning.

‘If she puts on a pound, she gets that pound off. She eats because she needs a bit of fuel and doesn’t overindulge. That’s the way I am and I don’t see it changing.

‘I’m a size 10 and when I first joined Strictly, I dropped to a size 6 but that wasn’t maintainable.’

Shirley was a size six when she joined Strictly but struggled to maintain it (Picture: woman&home/Dan Kennedy)
The dancer would not be averse to a face lift in future but vows to be open about it if she does (Picture: woman&home/Dan Kennedy)
Shirley Ballas covers Woman & Home magazine (Picture: woman&home/Dan Kennedy)

Shirley also revealed that she feels the pressure to maintain her youthful looks due to her television career. 

She doesn’t swear by ‘expensive lotions and potions’, instead using Garnier Micellar Water to cleanse her face of make-up and Nivea and Astral cream to moisturise.

However, she admitted she would not be averse to a nip and tuck, explaining: ‘When you get older, your hands and neck are the first things to age.

‘I am partial to a little Botox. I like a bit maybe twice a year and, I’m not going to lie, I’m open to a facelift. When I look at myself on the telly, I don’t like the way my chin’s looking from the side profile so I’ll go and see the guy who did my boobs and if I do it, I’ll be transparent.’

She added: ‘When it comes to ageing, you can’t turn back the clock or stop time so it’s about doing the best you can for yourself.

‘When I go out, even to the store, I do my hair and put on some make-up. It’s important to take care of yourself.’

The March issue of woman&home is on sale Thursday, February 3, 2022.


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