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Sir David Attenborough’s Instagram account is now inactive after breaking records on debut

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Sir David Attenborough’s Instagram account is now inactive (Picture: PA)

Sir David Attenborough’s Instagram account is now inactive after breaking world records on the social media platform on its debut.

The veteran broadcaster, 94, first set up an Instagram page at the end of September to highlight important environmental issues and urge others to help him in saving the planet.

He broke records on his debut and became the fastest account to reach 1million followers in just four hours and 44minutes – beating Friends star Jennifer Aniston who held the record at five hours and 16minutes.

His record has since been beaten by Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, who racked up 1million followers in an impressive four hours and one minute.

After just a month of posting to his page, Sir David’s account is now inactive, despite now having 6.2million followers to his name.

Instead, fans can follow other inspiring accounts by checking out the star’s highlights pinned to his page.

Sir David’s bio now reads: ‘Account no longer active. Legacy of stories from David Attenborough & A Life On Our Planet team. View highlights to follow inspiring accounts.’


My Celebrity Life –

Sir David’s page will remain open (Picture: Instagram)

It’s understood that Sir David’s appearance on Instagram was always going to be for a limited period of time, with his final post poignantly telling fans: ‘What happens next is up to us.’

It read: ‘Saving our planet is a communications challenge. If enough people want change and take action, a sustainable future is within our grasp. We wanted to share our view on how this might be achieved and have been encouraged by the huge amount of ideas and passion shared with us here.

‘This might be a wrap for this account – we won’t be posting anything else, though the account will stay open for you to watch David’s messages – but we hope it’s a springboard for many others to build on and share the ways we might create a sustainable future. In this future, our air would be cleaner, energy more affordable, food healthier and the wild would return on land and in the seas. What part of this future inspires you most?’

It accompanied a video from Sir David himself who explains he has shared everything he has wanted to on the platform and passionately encourages fans to work towards creating a ‘sustainable future’ by the choices they now make.

It has been confirmed that Sir David’s account will remain open on Instagram for fans, so they can continue to enjoy the 27 posts he has shared.

A spokesperson for the presenter’s film A Life On Our Planet told MailOnline: ‘Sir David and the filmmakers of A Life On Our Planet had always intended for the account to be a series of special messages over a limited period of time.

‘Primarily, they wanted to use the platform to explain the current problems facing our natural world and the solutions to help us deal with them.  While there won’t be any new posts going live, the account will remain open for people to watch Sir David’s videos and read the posts that have been shared since the account was created.

‘Sir David and the filmmakers hope that their messages will inspire others to speak up for nature and take positive action towards creating a sustainable future.’


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