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Strictly winner Harry Judd thinks Tom Fletcher will do well on the show – but will ‘hammer him’ if he’s first to leave

Harry Judd believed Tom Fletcher has ‘potential’ to be another Strictly champion (Picture: BBC/Instagram)

Harry Judd is backing his McFly bandmate Tom Fletcher to do well in Strictly Come Dancing – but he might be in for some ribbing if he’s the first one to leave the show.

The McFly drummer, 35, who won the show in 2011, told that Tom, 36, will benefit from being in a band when it comes to the show.

‘He’s very musical, obviously,’ Harry says. ‘He’s got a bit of experience from when he was younger, but he hasn’t danced properly for probably 20 years.

‘But he’s definitely, definitely got rhythm. So that’s the first thing, I think. He’s got rhythm and he’s a musician, so there’s definitely, definitely potential.’

Given that he is pals and bandmates with a certified Strictly champion, Tom has been picking Harry’s brain about his experience on the show.

He explained: ‘We’ve just been talking about it and I’ve been sharing my experience of what it was like for me and good ways to approach certain things.

Harry – who won Strictly in 2011 with Aliona Vilani – says his glitterball trophy is packed away in the loft (Picture: BBC)

‘He’s smart, I don’t think he’ll need much advice, he will be fine. But he’s really excited and I’m excited to watch him.’

Harry added: ‘He’s pretty chilled about it. He’s doing it for the for the right reasons, because he loves the show, and his kids love the show.

‘He wants to really do them proud and he just genuinely wants to do it. Obviously he wants to do well, too.’

With Harry being a past Strictly champion and bandmate Dougie Poynter as well as Tom’s wife Giovanna Fletcher both winning I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, the pressure’s on for Tom to carry on the tradition of being a champion.

Harry joked: ‘If he goes out in week one I’ll absolutely hammer him. Danny [Jones] did Pop Star to Opera Star and came fifth and I’ve never let him forget that.

‘Tom’s definitely got the potential so we’ll see – there are so many elements to it, you don’t know what the competition’s like but he’s doing it because he genuinely loves the show.’

Harry admitted he had the fear when he took on Strictly, before eventually being crowned winner of his series.

He never expected to do as well as he did, explaining: ‘Definitely not! Literally, I was terrified. I was like: “What am I doing? Like I’m setting myself up for pure embarrassment here,” but thankfully it kind of worked out alright.

‘I felt like I had coordination and the ability to work hard, and musicality is really important and obviously being a being a drummer helps. So I knew I had potential but I watched a couple of videos of Strictly before I did it and thought “Oh my god, what have I let myself in for? That looks impossible, what the hell was I thinking?” It did go so much better than I thought it would.’

When asked where he now keeps the legendary glitterball trophy, Harry admitted: ‘I genuinely don’t know where it is, I think it’s in the loft somewhere. I do need to get it out actually, I can have it in my little room with my drum kit and exercise bike, so I might pop it in there but it’s so far back in the loft that I kind of can’t be a**ed to get it out!’

Harry swears by Vidrate to help him increase his water intake (Picture: Vidrate)

Harry has also been working with hydration brand Vidrate, which he has invested in and is a brand ambassador for, and his involvement with the brand came about after he discovered the product, which comes in five flavours, helped him to increase his own water intake.

‘I started using Vidrate about a year ago now – I thought I’d just try it out and I absolutely loved it and was one of the few supplements I actually stick to,’ Harry says.

‘I loved it so much that I invested in the company because I really believe in its benefits. Most sports hydration drinks are full of sugar. This is zero sugar, sweetened with stevia and has added vitamin C and B12, and it’s got electrolytes which you need to replace the ones you lose when you sweat from exercise. Most sports drinks have this, but they’re also full of insane amounts of sugar which is pretty counterproductive.

The soon-to-be dad of three wants to impart the importance of wellness on his children (Picture: Vidrate)

‘Vidrate just basically pimps up your water and makes it taste amazing. We’re supposed to drink a certain amount of water a day, which I personally never did because water alone is just boring. Vidrate make your water taste great as well as having the added benefits of electrolytes and zero sugar.’

Harry’s commitment to wellness is something he has developed over the years and which he also wants to impart onto his children, Lola, Kit and his unborn baby due in October.

‘In the early days of McFly, I was totally oblivious to the importance of wellness but now it’s a big part of my life.

‘I love fitness and exercise and obviously being a drummer is quite an active job. When it comes to my children, it’s more about setting a good example.

‘I like the fact the children see daddy go for a run or we sometimes do a family run where they come out on their bikes and cycle alongside me and that sort of thing. It’s all aboutsetting a good example and looking after yourself.’

For more information and to buy, head to

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