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The Bachelorette’s Clare Crawley removing breast implants: ‘My body is fighting them’

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley has said she will be removing her breast implants for health reasons, as she revealed her body has been ‘fighting them’ and recognising them as ‘foreign’.

The 40-year-old had the surgical procedure some time ago, but it has caused her more problems than good.

Clare uploaded an emotional video to Instagram in which she detailed her ‘uphill battle’ to fans.

In the caption, she wrote that she had posted the clip ‘in hopes that it might help others going through something similar feel not so alone.’

At the beginning of the video, she explained she felt ‘it was scary going through something you don’t have answers to’, and after initially keeping it private, she has now decided to share what she has been going through with the world.

At first, Clare began suffering from an outbreak of hives and rashes ‘all down my stomach, on my neck, the sides of my neck, on my arms.’

‘My whole body is just inflamed and itchy,’ she said. ‘And the worst part usually gets around my eyes.’

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Clare opened up about her health issues in an emotional video (Picture: Instagram)

As she explained this, pictures of her red and swollen eyes began to appear on screen.

She went on: ‘I’ve had blood tests after blood tests and medication after medication after antibiotic after antihistamine after Benadryl, just everything in the book, and that is not my only symptom, but that was the physical one.’

The TV personality explains she is trying to control her rashes, ‘which comes and goes in waves’, but she admitted she finds it ‘frustrating’ that she’s found ‘no answers’ as to what caused it in the first place.

A month ago, she revealed she had gone to visit her chiropractor, and after having an X-ray done, she was told to get a mammogram.

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Clare revealed she has been suffering from an outbreak of hives and rashes (Picture: Instagram)

It was then that Clare discovered ‘a huge pocket of fluid’ situated behind one of her implants.

After having her first mammogram, doctors noticed ‘there was some stuff going in some suspicious areas’, so Clare had to have another one done as well as an ultrasound.

She said: ‘Essentially they found fluid sacks behind my implants.’

Clare also revealed that her doctors took a look at her blood work, and discovered that her white blood cell count ‘has been elevated this whole time and has been fighting something we don’t know.’

‘As much I love my implants, my body is fighting them,’ she explained. ‘It recognises it as something obviously foreign in my body.

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Clare will be removing her implants for the benefit of her health (Picture: Instagram)

‘I know this is not everybody’s case, this is my case and my body, but my body can’t heal, my body is in fight mode, constantly.

‘It’s exhausting, it’s depressing, it’s frustrating.’

The star said that although she has enjoyed having implants, she knows that her health and wellbeing is far more important, so she will be getting them removed.

She also recalled her partner Dale Moss saying that ‘her boobs are not what makes you beautiful.’

Clare concluded the video by saying: ‘I’m ready to go through this. I’m ready to bring you guys along with me on this part of my healing because it’s been a long time coming.

‘Like I said before, if there’s anybody that this could help or you guys are feeling anything similar, join me, come along with me.

‘This is my life right now, this is my health, this is reality.’

Following her post, Clare received an outpouring of support from fans and fellow celeb pals, and she later took to Instagram Stories to thank everyone for their kind messages.

‘I just wanted to come and thank everybody for all the messages,’ she said. ‘Like it’s unreal how many people can relate to what I’m going through, or have been through what I’m going through or are just positive and encouraging.

‘So it means everything to me and I just wanted to say thank you.’

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