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The Village People are not here for Trump dancing to their song (Picture: Getty)
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The Village People slam Donald Trump’s final use of YMCA: ‘His abusive use of our music has finally ended’

The Village People have made their feelings known after Donald Trump used their song YMCA for the final time as president of the United States.

Trump has often used the track at his political events, but the band are relieved that the end of his presidency means he hopefully won’t utilise their song any more.

The Village People told TMZ: ‘We asked him to cease and desist long ago. However, since he’s a bully, our request was ignored.

‘Thankfully he’s now out of office, so it would seem his abusive use of our music has finally ended.

‘We hope to spearhead a change in copyright law that will give artists and publishers more control over who can and cannot use our music in the public space. Currently there is no limit to blanket licensing.’

The Village People were one of many acts, including Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones, who had fought back against Trump using their music for his political events as they did not support his presidency.

While many asked him to cease and desist, the use of copyrighted songs in places that have public performance licenses, such as stadiums, was legal.

While stars including Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez were delighted to perform at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, Trump was also noticeably absent as the first departing president in 150 years not to attend the inauguration of their successor.

Kathy Golik, legacy manager for Laura Branigan’s management company Other Half Entertainment also spoke out about Trump using Branigan’s song Gloria.

She told the site: ‘Gloria is a great, energetic anthem that for decades has evoked many good feelings, memories of times and places, etc. for so many across the globe, and that’s the association that Laura would want, and that I do as her legacy manager.

‘It’s about not giving the power to those who do not deserve it, to change all the good that people have always felt about Gloria – to take the song back and restore it, and in turn, Laura’s legacy, once again.’


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