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TikTok star rating news anchors is everyone over US election season
The election season content we all needed (Picture: TikTok/@fashiongirl42069)

One TikTok star has given us the election content we all needed as she rated US news anchors.

It seems the entire world has election fatigue, as the vote-counting stretched out over days before Joe Biden was declared the winner – but none more so than the news anchors keeping everyone updated.

After hours of watching them on-screen, it’s no wonder plenty of viewers have developed crushes on some of the more well-known presenters.

TikTok user Carly Aquilino (@fashiongirl42069) was here to give them their official ratings.

‘Alright, we’ve gotta do it – let’s rate hot news anchors,’ she declared. ‘Up first we have Jake Tapper.

‘This one I’ve never been attracted to before but something about the election season just really hits different. 10/10 because he’s so hot.

‘This is Jim Acosta, he’s been a total and complete savage the last few days, I love his energy, 10 out 10 because he’s so hot.

‘Steve Kornacki, I know he belongs to the gays, but I love seeing a man stand in front of a map that hasn’t slept in three days. 10 out of 10 because he’s so hot.

‘John King and his very powerful chin, 10 out of 10 because he’s so hot.

‘We’ve all known Don Lemon is hot, he always looks good, he’s dressed immaculate, he looks like he smells good, 10 out of 10 because he’s so hot.

‘Chris Hayes is the type of guy that will go out in the middle of the night and buy you tampons. 10 out of 10 – he seems nice and he’s so hot.

‘And of course, Chris Cuomo. Are you insane? I would let him run me over with his car. A five billion out of 10 because he’s so hot.’

Valid points all round.

Despite the election results dragging on for days, internet creators have come through with the memes, with Donald Trump starring as Thanos and Joe Biden as Captain America in one Avengers election parody.

Barack Obama, the late Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and Bernie Sanders appear in the ridiculous clip, with the political figures’ heads being edited onto the superheroes’ bodies.


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