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Towie’s Bobby Norris says reality stars are ‘tarred with same brush’ after Dubai trips: ‘It’s tone deaf’

Bobby Norris has said that reality stars are all being ‘tarred with the same brush’ after some ‘tone deaf’ influencers jetted off to Dubai during lockdown.

The Towie star, who has trained to become a volunteer coronavirus vaccinator, opened up to about the reputation of all reality stars suffering for the sake of a few who have claimed that flying to Dubai constitutes an essential work trip.

‘It’s so sad that because there’s been so many reality stars and influencers that have jetted off to Dubai and the Caribbean and all over the globe,’ he said. ‘Since that started happening, when people talk about reality stars now, it’s become a negative thing.’

Bobby, 34, continued: ‘It’s really sad that we’re all getting tarred with the same brush, because the ones that have gone away have decided to. Ultimately they’ve made their decision. They’re adults, they’ve got on that plane and they’ve done what they’ve done.’

‘I can see why people are angry,’ he added. ‘We’re all stuck here in the UK, it’s lockdown. I can see why people are going on Instagram and getting upset and angry that it looks like people are living their best lives with a pina colada at a beach club.

‘It’s completely tone deaf, in my opinion, to be posting some of the content I have seen. I just personally don’t feel, from the public, that there is any appetite to see people on the beach or having a lovely old time.’

He went on to say: ‘It’ll be interesting to see how many of the essential work trips start to end now the clubs and restaurants and bars are being shut down over in Dubai, though.’

However, as Bobby pointed out, plenty of influencers and reality stars are also using their platforms for good.

Dr Alex George has been campaigning for mental health awareness, and has even been enlisted to advise the government, and Anna Vakili returned to work as a pharmacist when the pandemic began.

Meanwhile, Bobby knows first-hand what the effects of coronavirus can do – his grandmother’s partner died last year from it and the Towie star suffered awful symptoms when he contracted it over Christmas.

Dr Alex is set to advise the government on mental health awareness (Picture: Pippa Fowles / No10 Downing Street)

‘All I was doing was sleeping, which I didn’t mind too much, because when I was awake, I’ve never felt so rough in my life,’ he recalled.

He described the headaches as like ‘being kicked in the head’ and was asleep for about 14 hours a day – but still counts himself lucky, considering the amount of people who have been hospitalised for their symptoms.

Bobby’s own experience was a big part of him wanting to become a volunteer vaccinator, and he recently revealed he has completed his training.

‘I wanted to volunteer and do something. I wasn’t sure in what capacity, or what I could do, but I knew I had some spare time on my hands – I was on a break from filming Towie,’ he explained.

Although there was a lot more training involved, Bobby already knew how to give injections as he had given them to his mum every day when she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

‘I’m just so excited now to get out there, start getting in the centres, start meeting people, because I’m so aware there’s a lot of people out there, especially the elderly, that haven’t seen anyone since March, which is almost a year,’ he pointed out.

‘To me, it’s the saddest thing that has come out of the last year, the loneliness. It honestly breaks my heart. I think people getting their letters from their GPs and the NHS, inviting them for their vaccines, I think people are so excited to get theirs done.

‘For me, I think this vaccine is our light at the end of the tunnel.’


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