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Twitch user ‘confronted by home intruder’ during live stream

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A Russian streamer was reportedly faced by an intruder (Picture:

A Twitch user by the name of girl__fighter was seemingly targeted by a home intruder while live streaming, according to reports.

The Russian streamer, known as Victoria, is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, who also shares pole dancing and stretching videos, and was in the thick of one video recently when it’s claimed a person broke into the house by smashing a window, before emerging in the room the stream was filming in.

The clip has since been taken down, however it has popped up on social media and appears to show two women in a room, as the voice of another person can be heard yelling and banging on a door.

Outlets have claimed the person was her neighbour, as it’s been reported they shout ‘I will hurt you’ before the other woman in the clip replies, ‘no, I will hurt you, get out of here’.

It’s then alleged they spray the ‘intruder’ with mace, with Victoria – who has 11.9k followers on Twitch – reportedly heard saying ‘it got into my eyes’.

At this stage, the camera is knocked down in what appeared to be a scuffle, and the stream ends.

My Celebrity Life –

The camera is knocked over during the interaction (Picture:

My Celebrity Life –

Another person was in the room, as they told the intruder to leave (Picture:

It’s not clear what happened following the stream, with Victoria’s channel and social media now private, however a recent upload on her page claims she’s ‘went back to stream to a safe house’ and had also streamed more pole dancing and stretching videos a few hours after the incident.

Viewers reacted to the clip online, with some questioning whether it was set up. However, supporters of the gamer came to her defence, with many hoping she recovered from the moment.

It’s not the first time a streamer has been a target of an intruder during a live video, after a gamer was burgled on camera earlier this year.

South African Sterna Lewis started broadcasting a Call of Duty: Warzone game at around 8pm on June 18. About three hours later, burglars confronted her boyfriend Mario Engelbrecht, local outlet TIMESLive reported.

Suddenly Lewis’s Twitch video, watched by 48 viewers, showed a man yanking her headphones off and forcing her to lie on the floor as the intruders ransacked her home.

By the time the police and the estate’s security guards arrived, the burglars had made off with smartwatches, three smartphones, two Xbox consoles, laptops, three computers and nine monitors.

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