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What is Katie Price’s online bullying petition as Track A Troll campaign reaches Parliament

Katie Price has experienced online bullying towards her son, Harvey (Picture: Rex/Katie Price)

Katie Price’s Track A Troll campaign has been discussed in Parliament following her work to get online trolls – like the ones that abused her son Harvey Price – to be held accountable.

The former glamour model, 42, has been campaigning against online bullying with her recent petition reaching over 168,000 signatures.

Her work comes after years of seeing abuse levelled at her son, Harvey, 18, who has Prader-Willi syndrome and septic-optic dysplasia.

What is Katie Price’s online bullying petition?

Katie launched her ‘Track A Troll’ campaign to make it compulsory for people to provide ID before being able to open a new social media account.

Following the failure of the self-regulation of social media to put an end to online abuse, Katie wants social media users to have to sign up with verified identification documents so they can be traced and held accountable if they share vile abuse or threats to other users.

Katie wants to remove the ability for trolls to hide behind anonymous accounts (Picture: Katie Price/Instagram)

Currently, social media users are able to sign up for multiple accounts without having to prove their identity, meaning that tracking down the person behind the anonymous account sending hate can be very difficult.

The new rules, if they come into place, will mean that users have to provide their ID to be able to open an account, which should hopefully make them less likely to troll others as they are no longer able to be anonymous.

Katie has previously also campaigned for Harvey’s Law, to make online trolling a specific criminal offense.

Her Track A Troll petition has gained over 168,000 signatures (

Why is Katie Price campaigning against online bullying?

Katie has experienced online bullying first-hand, with many of the vile comments aimed at her disabled son Harvey.

In order to stop the abuse towards him and others, Katie is hoping to change the law to prevent trolls from being able to hide behind anonymous, fake accounts to send cruel messages.

She has also appealed to her social media followers to help track down trolls – including a man in blackface who mocked Harvey in a video – to try and put an end to online bullying by exposing those who are taking part.

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