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What is the Buss It challenge on TikTok?

Another year, another TikTok challenge, and one of the first to take off round the internet like wildfire in 2021 is the Buss It challenge.

Like all the best challenges there is a banger of a song involved and this time it comes courtesy of rapper Erica Banks, with people taking her 2019 track – also called Buss It – and running with it.

It’s mainly women nailing the dance trend but everyone has been getting involved.

The challenge has also gone beyond TikTok with people on Twitter and Instagram showing what they can do.

So what’s the Buss It all about? Read on.

What is the Buss It challenge on TikTok – how do you do it?

The challenge is to start off looking less than glamorous (many people have opted for dressing gowns or PJs here) to Nelly’s 2002 hit Hot In Herre, specifically the lyrics: ‘Checking your reflection and tellin’ your best friend like/”Girl, I think my butt getting big”‘.

Hot In Herre switches to Erica’s song which samples the line ‘Girl, I think my butt getting big’, at which point the video morphs into you, dolled up, and pulling off some sexy dance moves while dropping it low.

Check out the examples below, including one from Erica herself, actress Gabrielle Union, and another featuring a rat.



@nosweetnersEven da homie in da back was with the #bussit #preworkout♬ Buss It – Erica Banks


What does ‘buss it’ mean?

‘Buss it’ is not a new term, and there are various ideas about what it means.

Sometimes short for ‘bust it open’, it can be used to refer to having sex, or twerking/dancing and showing your vagina.

Who is the singer of Buss It?

That would be Texas rapper Erica Banks, who has a fan in Nicki Minaj.

The star’s self-titled mixtape was released last year and her other tracks include Toot That, Trip Out and Hol’ On.

Earlier this month Erica revealed she had been signed to Warner Bros Records.


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