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Celeb News Featured says ‘time’s up’ for ‘narcissist’ Donald Trump as he supports Joe Biden in The Love music video

Donald Trump and’s new single THE LOVE calls for unity after Trump’s divisive term as president (Picture: Getty Images) fears another four years of Donald Trump in the White House, describing the US president as a ‘narcissist’ who has used ‘hatred and propaganda to divide’ the country. 

Black Eyed Peas has teamed up with Jennifer Hudson to rework their iconic hit Where Is The Love? for an equally emotive ballad, The LOVE.

The music video features clips of Biden delivering an inspirational speech calling to unite the country alongside divisive messages from Trump, such as when he described some white supremacists as ‘fine people’.

Speaking to exclusively about their inclusion of Biden’s speech from the Democratic National Convention, explained: ‘These words are an important appeal to bring America back, to restore our humanity, decency, transparency and so many things that have deteriorated during the past three years.

‘Racist hate is at an alarming level – it feels like we are living back in my Gran’s era.

‘Look at how we have been existing for the past eight months:  we cannot travel freely, no gathering with friends at restaurants, clubs or concerts, we have to wear masks everywhere, so many unnecessary deaths, so many people out of work, and losing their homes too.

‘It’s sick that science and facts were ignored, and action was not taken earlier.’

He added: ‘America’s standing in the world has also been severely damaged by the occupant of the White House.

‘We used to be the beacon of Democracy and the lure of ‘the American Dream’, that if you get a good education and work hard you can build a good life for yourself and your family.

‘It sounds simplistic but we need to get back to this.’

Without naming Trump directly, The Voice coach went on to express his fears that Trump could be reelected to the White House if he beats Biden in the election on November 3.

‘America cannot afford four more years of an unqualified narcissist who doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes and uses hatred, misinformation and propaganda to divide us –  Time’s up!’ Will stated.

Earlier this week, called out Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany Trump for walking out to Black Eyed Peas’ hit I Got A Feeling at an LBGTQ+ campaign.

He tweeted: ‘.@TiffanyATrump, I see that you walked out to #iGOTTAFEELING…but given the inequalities in America affecting LGBTQ, people of color and the disenfranchised, this song would have been more appropriate to walk out to,’ before linking to his new single The LOVE, which has been watched over nine million times in two days so far.


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