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WWE legend The Rock can’t be beaten by paper – he says so himself

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The star’s series will see him as a child in Hawaii (Credit: WWE)

Dwayne Johnson insists the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors mean he can’t actually be beaten.

The WWE wrestler turned Hollywood superstar still carries The Rock nickname with pride, and now he’s tried to clarify what that means for the hand game and solver of disagreements around the world.

As everyone knows, the game’s rules are simply as follows: rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock.

However, Dwayne himself doesn’t quite see it that way after comedy writer Brona Titley – who’s worked on the likes of Spitting Image and 8 Out of 10 Cats – pointed out the former world champion’s potential kryptonite.

Alongside a snap of him in the gym looking as ripped as ever, she quipped: ‘So sad. All those muscles & he can still be beaten by paper.’


It didn’t take long for Johnson to weigh in on the issue – and he sees it very differently.

He joked: ‘Brona, it clearly states in section *980 of the RPS constitution that in order for Paper to defeat Rock, it must cover 100% of said property.

‘I’m too big for Paper. To suggest otherwise is paper fraud’

Well, there you have it – The Rock always beats paper.

Meanwhile, Dwayne recently thanked The Undertaker – whose real name is Mark Calaway – for helping him develop and realise his obvious potential, regardless of what other people were trying to do behind the scenes.

Speaking in WWE Network’s new series Meeting The Undertaker, The Rock said: ‘One of the important things that I wanna say about The Undertaker – this is stuff I’ve never shared, but I do wanna share it because it’s important.

‘When I started to make the move and word started to get around that the office was priming me for a WWE Championship run, there were a handful of guys in the business at that time, they did everything they could to stop that run from happening.

‘Undertaker was one of those guys who was always so steady, telling me “Don’t worry about it, kid. You just got out, you keep doing your thing, you have a hell of a future.” ‘


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