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Chanel wants to upgrade your AirPod case with a £2,060 pearl necklace

Got a few thousand spare? (Picture: Chanel)

Still using headphones with wires attached? We’re so sorry.

But before AirPod owners get too smug about being on-trend, here’s some important news: if you’re using the standard Apple case for your earbuds, you’re living your life wrong.

That’s according to the world of high fashion, anyway.

Rather than faffing about with a little case stashed away in the depths of your handbag, Chanel proposes a new solution: An AirPods necklace.

The label has made a number of AirPod case accessories – including a chain belt and a necklace that allows you to slot your buds directly into the special clasps – but the fanciest of them all has to be the AirPods Case Pro Necklace, retailing at £2,060 (or $2,675 in the US).

This design makes your AirPods the centre of attention, which we guess you’d want after dropping hundreds on a way to listen to your playlists.

This one will cost you £2,060 (Picture: Chanel)

A lambskin case emblazoned with the Chanel logo in diamante hangs from a white peark necklace, finished with the classic lambskin chain that usually appears on the brand’s iconic handbags.

Chanel recommends wearing this piece either as a necklace or crossbody, for easy AirPod access as you accessorise.

If you don’t have the Pro AirPods, don’t worry – you can still spend an obscene amount of money on a case for your listening devices.

The standard AirPods case necklace costs the same as the pro edition, but has a black case rather than a white one.

Or you can choose a Black case – but only for regular AirPods, not the Pro (Picture: Chanel)

Alternatively, you can go minimalistic with a chain that lets your AirPods dangle wild and free, for £830, or embrace the classic Chanel pearl necklace with the same dangling feature, plus the CC logo, for £1,270.

This one’s a bit like those old glasses holders your teacher used to wear (Picture: Chanel)
Classic Chanel, but with AirPod attachments (Picture: Chanel)

Or you could just buy a regular AirPod case online for under a tenner. You could even glue it to a necklace if you really love the concept.

But be warned: AirPods must now exclusively be displayed around your neck or body.

No more popping them in your pocket. So says Chanel.


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