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Four strangers left absolutely stunned as they all turn up at the same coffee shop wearing matching yellow coats

A glitch in the Matrix? Or are yellow coats the next big trend? (Picture: Kennedy/

The world really is a strange and magical place.

Bizarre things happen all the time, and we have to stop to appreciate the wonder.

Take this moment, when four strangers were queuing up for coffee and realised they were all wearing the same style of yellow coat.

Mum-of-five Rebecca Birch was meeting her friend Emily Lawrence in Caffe Nero in Sherborne, Dorset.

She noticed she and her friend were accidentally twinning by wearing matching yellow jackets.

That would be funny enough in itself, but as Rebecca and Emily walked into the cafe, they spotted a third woman in the same puffy coat… then a fourth.

The four women couldn’t stop laughing at the strange coincidence, and even the baristas were entertained.

Rebecca, from Wincanton, Somerset, said: ‘It was one of those moments that was so funny.

‘We were like “oh my god, we’ve got the same coat on”.

‘It was such a funny thing to happen. The response was brilliant. We were laughing and talking about how we loved the bright colour.

What a coincidence (Picture: Kennedy News)

‘The lady at the back kept saying “we’re a ray of sunshine in difficult times”.

‘We felt embarrassed in the first instance because people were looking at us as if to say “look at them two”. I think they thought we were either girlfriends or twins. We felt quite silly.

‘I said “let’s go grab a takeaway coffee in Caffe Nero”.

‘There was already one person in there ordering a coffee. She was there with her baby and her husband.

‘We looked at each other and said “oh my god, look. She’s got the same colour coat on as well”.

‘We had a laugh with them and the barista said “look at you three all matching with your mustard-coloured coats on”.

‘We started to order and the next minute I turned around and this lady walked in behind me.

‘I couldn’t believe someone else had walked in with the same coat on.

‘They’re all different – ones Joules, one’s Benneton, one’s Primark. The lady at the back said “mine’s Marks and Spencer”.’

The group of women asked one of their husbands to snap a pic, with all of them showing off their bright yellow outwear.

That photo ended up being liked more than 21,000 times online, and Rebecca has received loads of messages from people saying the coincidence made their day.

Was it a glitch in the Matrix? Or is a yellow puffy jacket the next Zara dress?

‘It’s made me think about mixing up my style a bit,’ said Rebecca.

‘The thing I like about the picture as well is it shows a sign of the times – we’re all standing there with masks on. It’s quite poignant.

‘With all the news out there at the moment, it’s something so simple. It’s made people smile.

‘So many people have said it’s hilarious and made their day.’


Credit: Original article published here.

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