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People are laughing at Moschino selling a £758 handbag that looks like a baguette

The latest thing in fashion? Looking like you’ve just popped to a bakery, apparently.

Yes, friends, carbs are very much back.

Not to eat or bake (even if you did find a passion for sourdough in lockdown), but to wear.

That’s according to Moschino, anyway, who have come out with a range of bags that look like delicious food items.

But as you’d expect, they’re quite a bit pricier than your average bap – and people have been ridiculing the items online.

Among the label’s collection is a £429 clutch bag with a sandwich on the front, a triangular piece of cake bag, a croissant on a chain for £758, and a baguette bag – that literally looks like a baguette – for the same price.

Sadly, none of these are edible, so you can’t even justify the expense by saying your bag doubles as a snack.

My Celebrity Life –

Fancy a baguette bag for £758? (Picture: Moschino)

My Celebrity Life –

Or maybe a croissant is more your bag? (Picture: Moschino)

Over on Twitter, hundreds of people have been mocking the designs – and their price tag.

‘£758 to look like you’re holding a Subway,’ wrote one woman. ‘Is this a joke.’

‘When I can get a £5 footlong from Subway,’ wrote another.

Some people said they quite liked the concept, but most responded that if they want their bag to look like bread that much, it might be better to just buy a French stick from your nearest Tesco.


One person raised an important concern: ‘So pigeons can attack me, no thanks.’

As bizarre as bread bags may sound, they’re really not much of a departure from the norm for Moschino, a brand where Jeremy Scott likes to create high fashion pieces that have a nod to humour.

These are the same people who made clothes to make you like like a Sim, after all.

We just hope that a supermarket or plastic food company spots this trend and brings out a more budget-friendly option.

We’d quite like to keep our things in a pain rustique.


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